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Painted Streets Project

 First Friday Art Stroll Showings- July 6, 2018



Stroll has an exciting


event to take note of –

 Painted Streets Project Celebration

We truly appreciate the communites involvement. This project would not have been possible without the wonderful artists, volunteers and sponsors.

Please join us for a celebration and thank you.

Friday, July 6, 4:00-5:30 p.m.

PLATFORMS (NW corner of 25th & Adams)

4:00-4:30p.m. - Remarks and Thank You’s

4:30-5:30 p.m. - Light refreshments and celebration

Option to join a tour of The Monarch at 4:30 p.m.

Be sure to check out July’s First Friday Art Stroll afterward!

Gallery Happenings—

Art Box –

We are excited to feature award-winning landscape oil painter and local Eden resident Paige Barth.  Paige is a native of the Jersey Shore and has roots in Oklahoma. She has a great love of nature, and has spent much of her life traveling what she calls her own back yard, the USA, and sometimes abroad. Paige finds inspiration from her surroundings and uses her emotion while creating her traditional or abstract landscapes. Her abstract work invites viewers to use their own imagination.

Paige began painting in elementary school, and has memories of being outside painting the forsythia bushes that lined the side of the building.  She continued studying art through school and studied with Jean Heyer, Judy McCombs at workshops. Her work is currently showing at The Local Artisan Collective, Free Spirit Holistic Mountain Spa/Gravitea in Eden, at Eccles Community Art Center and in private collections across the country. Galleries in Oklahoma and Utah have represented her work.  We hope you can stop in on Friday’s Stroll, meet Paige and see her imaginatively beautiful work!

Art Box is located at 215 Historic 25th Street.

Bella Muse-

Join us at Bella Muse Gallery during Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll where we will feature up and coming artist Allie Zeyer. Artist reception will be from 6-9 p.m. 

Bella Muse Gallery, 101 Historic 25th St., Ogden, UT   Phone - 385-399-7969

Cuppa –

Featured artist for July is Steve Smock. His recent work in revolutionary break from the Utah artist's previous painting styles, range from traditional landscapes to expressive abstracts. The series is defined by linear patterns combed across the canvas with machine-like precision, as narrow lines are spaced an equal distance apart in a definitive design. Drips and splotches of paint ride the rows to reveal the artist’s fingerprint, but even these imperfections have an eerie regularity to them. The works range from simple sophistication to chaotic complexity depending on the number of layers and color values he chooses to work with. Pieces with single linear layers emulate seismic waves actively measuring tectonic activity, with the blips of paint denoting shifts in the Earth’s core rather than in the artist’s hand. As layers build, intersecting lines form moiré designs that eventually cover the canvas and, from a distance, recall the mysterious undulation of Arctic northern lights. These “multi-colored” works interpreted a carefully stitched tapestries or rippling curtains. 

The oscillating effects of Smock's linear abstractions are achieved through his carefully calculated palette of reactionary colors and meticulous painting process. The artist works from an aerial perspective; he walks on cardboard or on a raised wooden platform so as not to damage preceding layers as he applies thin lines of paint with a large rake engineered from steel and wood. Each stroke must be dry before adding an intersecting layer, causing the process to go on for months and contributing to the tangible texture of the finished piece. Smock says of the process:

“When I’m making the paintings I’m very close to them. I’m actually standing over them, or working on my hands and knees on top of the roomful of canvas-- so I feel almost as if I’m inside the work. I lose sense of the edges and composition and sink into the painting. I want that experience for the viewer, as well. The scale creates a situation where the viewer almost is not able to consider the composition of the work; it is all just one-point perspective. So when you sit right in front of a piece, you never look at the edges, and because you do not see the edges there is no more composition. You never worry about balance; you are just inside the work. Once I have gotten the viewer inside the painting, the meanings they find there become deeply subjective. But it’s all something that’s metabolized through the body and direct experience.”

Smock’s work is also being shown at Good Life Café, Yes Hell, Wasatch Roasting, and Tona Sushi for the month of July.  For more information about this artist, please visit

Cuppa is located at 552 East 25th Street. Visit their website:

The Eccles Community Art Center -

The Ogden Pioneer Days and The Eccles Art Center's Galleries will exhibit work from Western themed artists during Ogden Pioneer Days - Traces of the West. This invitational competition will open Friday, July 6 and continue through Saturday, July 28, 2018. In association with Ogden’s Art Stroll on Friday, July 6, from 5-8 p.m. to include a reception and awards posted. 


The Ogden Pioneer Days - Traces of the West is comprised of recent work with a Western theme.  This year categories are two and three-dimensional art.  The two dimensional category will include drawing and painting with the three dimensional category to include sculpture and high-end western gear.  Participating in the event we have local artists from Utah as well as Arizona and Idaho. Artists who have accepted an invitation to exhibit include Dianne Adams, Doug Adams, Doug Braithwaite, Michael Calles, Keith Dagley, Joe Deru, Barbara Summers Edwards, Glenn Edwards, Brent Flory, Bonnie Frucci, Jerry Hancock, Tim Harmon, David W Jackson, Steve Johnson, Susan A Johnson, Cara Koolmees, Lori Nicholas, Steve Stauffer, Don Weller, Larry C Winborg and Eric Zschiesche.


 An exciting exhibit addition this year is a colorful, painted cowboy boots created for the “Color and Kick Up Your Heels Competition.” Cowboy boots are an iconic example of Western life, and Utah style.


The Eccles Community Art Center’s regular gallery hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. The center closes Sundays and major holidays including July 4, Independence Day and July 24, Statehood day. For information, please call 801-392-6935, or on-line:

Eccles Community Art Center is located at 2580 Jefferson Ave, Ogden

Gallery 25 –

Artwork from Barbara Oxborrow and Jan Moyes will be featured. Both are exceptional artists with watercolors. There will be refreshments for the public and live music by our famous John Burrows of the Wasatch Wild Band.

Gallery 25 is located at 268 25th Street.

Gallery at the Station, Union Station –

No information for July.

Union Station is located at 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden

Grounds for Coffee - 25th Street –

July’s featured artist is McKenna Powell.

Grounds for Coffee - 111 Historic 25th Street

Grounds for Coffee on Harrison & 30th –

July’s featured the talent by Abby Musgrove.

Located at: 3005 Harrison Blvd.

Harley and Bucks –

This month’s featured artist is Aleta Cobabe. In 2003, she started out doing watercolors then transitioned to training in oils and pottery. Cobabe went to different schools throughout Utah and taught what she loved. She began to paint landscapes, still life and painted pots with western art, old buildings, people and animals. A highlight in her career was to have two of her paintings in the Hogel Zoo traveling show.

Harley and Bucks is located at 2432 Washington Blvd.

Kaffe Mercantile Downtown location –

Our featured artist of the month is Lindsea Garside from Ogden, UT. She has been involved in painting and art her whole life, but discovered her love for abstract only a few years ago. She loves how freeing abstract art is. She uses acrylic paint manipulated by different forms of air, water, chemicals and tools to create her pieces.

Kaffe Mercantile downtown location is located at 2276 Washington Blvd. Suite 101, Ogden, Utah.

Myra Powell Gallery, Union Station –

No information given for July.                                                                                    Union Station is located at 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden.

Nurture the Creative Mind –

The piano parade is coming to the art stroll this month. There are six musicians playing on six different pianos located along 25th St. to the Junction. Stop by each station and enjoy the music!

Nurture the Creative Mind is located at South end of the Union Station - 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden.

OfficeEvolution –

Will not be having exhibitions in the summer months.

OfficeEvolution is located at 221 Historic 25th St. in downtown Ogden.

Ogden First, Inc.’s PLATFORMS -

The work on view now, the Exquisite Vine Tapestry Project, is the brainchild of Michelle Montrose Larsen, head of the Pando Art Collective in Ogden.  I asked her to tell us a little about the project, and here's what she had to say: "What happens when you give 30 artists 150 feet of continuous burlap, 10,000 yards of yarn and 48 hours? Platforms, and Pando Art Collective challenged artists with the task of creating a collaborative outdoor fabric installation entitled The Exquisite Vine Tapestry using these materials in the given period. Artists had a section of the burlap to work on and a set of parameters: a continuous vine that connects to the artists next to you, it must include fiber and completed within the 48-hour period. The idea behind the project was to bring many different types of artists, businesses and organizations together to complete a daunting task. Weber County Creative Alliance, O1ARTS and Savers sponsored it. Over 35 artists participated, working as individuals and in groups, and two local businesses, Local Artisan Collective and Shepherd’s Bush participated as well. Artists came out of their studios, equipped with scissors needles, and worked on-site in the June heat to complete the project, resulting in a beautiful, unique, locally made, and upcycled work of art. It will remain on display at Platforms for First Friday in July and then will be removed to protect it from the elements. Keep an eye out for it as it travels around various locations throughout Ogden in the coming months!

The Exquisite Vine Tapestry is very much in line with the mission of Pando Art Collective, which is “to provide challenging and novel opportunities for artists to learn and grow professionally, while supporting artists through collaboration, community, and paid opportunities. We strive to use our talents and skills to bring joy, excitement, and beauty to our community through visual art.” Pando was founded only last year but has already made an impact on the arts in Ogden. Some of Pando’s past projects included “What’s in the Box?” fundraiser where artists decorated boxes and only the person who purchased the box could open it and reveal what was inside, and a Cabinet of Curiosities where artists created and displayed haunted objects. Pando more recently recruited artists to design posters for Ogden’s Twilight concert series, which are currently for sale in various local businesses (all proceeds go to the artist). Pando also hosts a studio night for artists every month and hopes to continue to up the ante for both artists and artisseurs in Ogden. Do not miss future opportunities and unique happenings! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram under Pando Art Collective."

As stated above, the Tapestry project will come down after the July 6 ribbon-cutting celebration for the new Painted Streets murals project and First Friday Art Stroll.  We are looking to hear from YOU about what you would like to see at PLATFORMS next.  Our mission is to help you mount your dream show. Whether through funding, mentoring or logistics. Contact us and remember, Think BIG!

PLATFORMS is located on the corner of 25th Street and Adams Ave.

RE/MAX Community – Valley-

 is pleased to feature local artist, Jennifer Ray-Kellerstrauss.

Artist Bio: I am an Engineer by trade but art has been my passion for over 20 years. I love being a woman, wife, mother and grandmother. I enjoy spending time with my family, six children and ten grandchildren. I love people! I believe that everyone has a story, which brings my passion of drawing and painting people to life. I try to express theirs’ through my artwork. Texture and contrast fascinate me because I love to express the details in every wrinkle and fold of fabric that I draw. I try to create an experience with each art piece. I want it to move you when you look at it. I want you to feel the struggles and triumphs of each person drawn. My hope is to have you enjoy your experience in my gallery so it brings joy and happiness to you. Love and Blessings.

Re/Max Community-Valley - 227 25th Street Ogden, UT

Shaw Gallery at Weber State University -

Closed May – September for gallery strolls, next opening will be in October for the faculty show.

Shepherd Union Art Gallery –

Closed until the fall

Shepherd Union Art Gallery near the Fireplace Lounge, 3910 W Campus Dr. Ogden, UT 84408

The Egyptian Theater Foundation –

No event for July.

The Front Climbing Club –

We are happy to announce Sam Van Orman as the featured artist at The Front Climbing Club (Ogden, UT) for the month of July! Stop by the gym from 6 – 9 p.m. for small bites, drinks, climbing, local art and live music from Katya & Moodlite (
See you there!

The Front-Climbing Club at 225 20th St.

The Local Artisan Collective -

Welcome to July’s Art Stroll. We will be open late this evening 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.  Our featured artist of the month is Mindy Stevens Brown from Mindy’s Custom Vinyl.


Mindy "puts stuff on stuff!"  We know when someone is reading her items in the store because they laugh so hard. This is one sassy and talented woman! She makes amazing shirts, cups, dishes, hats, dishtowels, home decor, bags, dishes, stickers, pillows, water bottles, business cards and more.  

Food Samples:

Chelsi Dixon and Sonja Hollings from Bee Sweet Fudge will be handing out delicious fudge during the Art Stroll. We cannot wait to try them!

Artist Demonstrations: 

Charity Judkins from Modern Elemental Ergon will also be demonstrating the Lichtenburg method for Fire it up Friday’s out in front of the store. 

Jill Braucher from Sew Hip Designs will be doing demos on Pillow Charms. 


Rene Venegas from Galleon's Gold Jewelry will be doing a Silver Ring class from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. more details to come. 

Little Artisan Market:

We are excited to announce our First Annual Little Artisan's Market. 

This will be a market set up for Little Artisan's from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. They will get to sell their amazing items that they make to the public during the Art Stroll on July 6 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.

The Collective is located at 2371 Kiesel Ave, Ogden.

Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum -

The Utah Cowboy and Western Museum will not hold an event during July but the museum will be open.

Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum is located in the Union Station at 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden

Wasatch Roasting Company -

Wasatch Roasting Company is excited to feature the works of our July artist, Steve Smock. 

For the stroll, we will serve hot and cold drinks from our full espresso bar and our nitro cold brew taps. Along with hot chocolates, teas, affogatos, nitro-floats, cheese/crackers and non-coffee beverages.

We will provide outdoor seating in the alley as well as live music from Black Labrador! 

Wasatch Roasting Company is located at 2436 Grant Ave Ogden, Utah.

The Weber Center –

July’s stroll will continue to have the Mark Seawell installation presented by Amped Arts. No reception planned for July’s showing.

The Weber Center is located at 2380 Washington Blvd. Ogden, Utah

Zucca Underground –

Artist featured in July is Bryden Bowley: Humans are emotional beings. The surroundings and relationships we are in impact our emotions. Crowded airports and desolate wilderness, loud dance parties or lonesome bus rides, a kiss from a loved one or a dirty look from a stranger. Everything has an impact. Happiness, sadness, love and loneliness. We are constantly feeling that all emotions are relatable. I create my work from the feelings I see in others and what I feel in myself. 

Another featured artist is Audrey Christensen. She is known as Hey Be Fab as a textile artist who believes that by embracing your inner spunk you will find the freedom from the mundane. She loves to combine watercolor and embroidery to create colorful worlds for the portraits she stitches to play in. She likes to challenge you to think beyond yourself and allow your inner diva to come out and play. She does this by encouraging you to create art in any way possible and helps you get started with providing you a place to learn, grow and connect by teaching local art workshops and hosting creative online tutorials. Most days you can find her in her sewing room covered in fur, fabric, thread and paint while playing with her three little kids. You can find her at @heybefab on anything social."

We will also have musicians Rich Grant and Michael Ferguson performing rhythm and blues style music.

Zucca Underground is located at 225 25th Street Ogden, UT   Website:


*This is a small listing of the many different galleries whom participate in the stroll each month. There is much more to be enjoyed during the stroll. 

Printable map with locations for the Art Stroll