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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

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2549 Washington Blvd Suite 110
Ogden UT 84401
Phone: (801) 629-8961
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Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm Excluding holidays

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Ogden City codes and ordinances exist to protect citizen’s rights, neighborhood aesthetic’s, property values, public safety, as well as to prevent the accumulation of materials that could pose a fire, safety or health hazards. The Code Enforcement staff seeks voluntary compliance to the Municipal Code by providing citizens and businesses guidance and direction for the resolution of problems and violations in a friendly, fair and impartial manner.

The majority of citizens recognize the importance of compliance to our codes. To protect our citizens from those who disobey these codes, and to ensure the general health, safety and welfare of our community, codes must be enforced. The jurisdiction and responsibility for the enforcement of these codes has been delegated to code enforcement.

Code Enforcement Officers educate the public on ordinance compliance issues. Provide professional and technical assistance. Encourage voluntary compliance to violations. Promote neighborhood revitalization. Answer citizen complaints and concerns, Investigate violations, Assist planners, b uilding and licensing officials. Coordinate with law enforcement and other governmental agencies; and be involved in the community improvement programs, which are imperative and vital responsibilities of the Code Enforcement Officer.