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Special Events

Special Events

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When it comes to special events, Ogden doesn’t mess around. When we go big, we go way big.

When we say we want snow for Winterfest, we close off a half-mile of inner-city roads, load and unload 38 dump trucks, and pack four feet of snow running right on Washington Boulevard, Adams Avenue, and 25th Street for a weekend event. When we say we want to have a kayak race, we release the Pineview Reservoir, raise the Ogden River to near cataclysmic conditions, pit the racers in a winner-take-all fashion, and call it a Kayak Rodeo at the Ogden Paddle Festival. On Easter weekend, we actually rip the very fabric of time, bust out our rifles, furs, and fringed pants, and have the largest Mountain Man Rendezvous in the state at historic Fort Bonaventura. Again, when it comes to events, Ogden doesn’t mess around. Ogden is the kind of place where our own citizens vacation here.

Year-Round Excitement

Winter is a glorious time for Ogdenites. We flourish in the snow fallen world and all the opportunities it brings. Annually, our City puts up the glittery Christmas Village in the Municipal Gardens, attracting families and lovers to bundle up, drink some cocoa, and stroll through the winter wonderland.

In the warmer months, don’t miss Juneteenth. Celebrate the abolition of slavery with our amazing vendors of catfish dinners, dirty rice, hot wings, peach cobbler, and every kind of barbecue imaginable; Enjoy all this while dancing to the local stars of reggae, R&B, hip-hop and gospel choir music. The Ogden Arts Festival is also in the summer heat, but don’t fret because the beer garden and shaded seating will keep any festival goers nice and cool. With over 80 fine arts artists’ booths, free kids ARTivites, food court, film showings, live music, and dancing, this festival brings in every type of art you could want.

When the leaves start to change, all of Ogden braces itself for the Harvest Moon Festival, which coincides with the extreme sporting event Xterra Games, and between these two events, everyone goes home tired and well-fed, with big smiles across their faces.

Ogden is busy with connoisseurs of life and adventure. We love our small mountain city, and getting together for fine foods, entertaining music, high adventure, and thousands of fellow thrill seekers is our idea of living.