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Ogden City is seeing continued violations of sign postings for yard sales and other announcements on street poles, light poles, and stop signs. This is illegal; the signs are not only unsightly, they damage City property.

Ogden City is, instead, encouraging residents to post notices for items for sale, garage sales, lost or stolen property, etc. in the classifieds section of the Standard-Examiner newspaper. The Standard posts classifieds in their daily newspaper, in their mobile app, and on their website. A nominal fee is charged for print ads, and postings for their website only are free. If placing a lost/stolen items ad, the fee for the placement is reimbursed when the item is found. Standard-Examiner classifieds can be accessed at Ogden City’s website in the community section, or by visiting the Standard-Examiner’s website or mobile app “Standard Examiner Classifieds”, which can be downloaded from any smart phone.

lostDogPosterThose who post flyers on City or public property may be cited. Residents can avoid a possible citation by not posting signs on City or public property and post instead through the Standard-Examiner. Even signs that are appropriately placed on private property shall be removed promptly after the advertised event; flyers and signs linger in neighborhoods and add clutter to the area.

Please take note of Ogden City’s sign ordinance and help keep our public property cared for.

18-4-1: Signposting Prohibited on Public Property. It is unlawful for any person to place any sign, handbill, poster, advertisement or notice of any kind, whether political or otherwise, in or upon any portion of any sidewalk or street. It shall be unlawful to place, paint, paste, or attach any sign defined in this title on any building, street, or property of the City.