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Volunteering at Golden Hours

Volunteering at Golden Hours

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 Golden Hours Senior Center offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for seniors age 50 and over. Many of our classes are taught by seniors volunteering their time and talents. We have opportunities for seniors to assist in the kitchen with the delivery of food to patrons, collecting of money, and cleaning the kitchen and dining room areas. The Center also has  volunteers who serve on the Senior Council Committee, planning activities and parties for our participants. The front desk is staffed by volunteers who answer phones, give general information and tours of the Center, assist with coffee and other such services.

Volunteerism is a vital contributing factor of our continued success here at Golden Hours. We value those who contribute their time and talents. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience. A Volunteer Appreciation Day is held each April where the staff recognizes the efforts of our many volunteers. One volunteer is honored each year as the Center’s Volunteer of the Year. If you have time to be of service to your peers, contact Golden Hours Senior Center.