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Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

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J.C. Armstrong's Residence

Ogden Historic Districts

Ogden has several areas where the concentration of important buildings or buildings that were the homes of important people exists. These are preserved and recognized as Historic Districts. Their risePDF Document followed the boom of economic growth and prosperity. Many of the wealthiest Ogden families built homes based on design and structure of leading architectsPDF Document bringing about groups of homes remarkable in scale and diversity. Other historic districts developed as commercial areas during the hey-day of the railroad. These are now protected by historic designations ensuring they remain a part of what makes Ogden a great place to live and visit. Owners possessing property within a local historic district or an individual building on the local historic register must obtain a certificate of historic appropriatenessPDF Document before any work may be done to the exterior of the building. Historic districts within the City include:

Individual Historic Sites

In addition to historic districts, Ogden also has individual buildings that are important to the history of Ogden and it's development.  These buildings date from Miles Goodyear's cabin of 1847 to many homes constructed during lucrative days of the trans-continental railroad, Ogden's rich history can be seen today in the many buildings listed on local and national historic registers; buildings are of varied style and unique design. Significant individual landmarks from Ogden's history include:

  • John Moses Browning House
  • C. W. Cross House
  • John Dalton House
  • Gustav Becker House

Ogden Landmarks Commission

Few cities in the intermountain west contain the variety and breadth of historic resources as Ogden, Utah. In 1979 Ogden city formed the Ogden City Landmarks Commission for the purpose of “protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of structures, sites and areas and natural history”. This group of local citizens volunteer their time to review the proposed exterior alterations to those buildings that are inside the 3 local historic districts i.e. Historic 25th Street, the Jefferson and Eccles Historic Districts and all the locally designed historic sites. Their review is based on the rehabilitation standards set forth by the Federal Department of the Interior.

Ogden Historic Sites and Districts MapPDF Document

Historic Sites and Districts