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Dog Park

Dog Park

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Address 2450 A Avenue
Ogden, Utah 84401
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The Ogden City Dog park is a place for responsible dog owners to have an opportunity to let their licensed dogs socialize without a leash while in a designated, fenced-in area. With just over 1.75 acres of land, the dog park has both natural and grassy landscaped areas dedicated for both small and large dogs. 

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At the dog park you will find a small dog area, a large dog area, and an agility course that contains obstacles that can be used to exercise and train pets. Several watering stations have been installed at a low height to allow dogs to find refreshment with a drink while exercising in the outdoors, and leash caddies allow owners to tie their pet for a moment while they tend to other tasks. Each entrance into the dog park has a double-gate system to ensure that the dogs cannot escape; also several Mutt Mitt stations are positioned throughout the park to make it easier to clean up after pets.

For the complete list of rules for the park you can view and print the document Dog Park Rules and Regulations.PDF Document

For more information about the new dog park, contact Ogden City Animal Services at 801-629-8244 or Ogden City Public Ways and Parks at 801-629-8271.