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MTC Learning Park

MTC Learning Park

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MTC Learning Park
Address 1750 Monroe Blvd
Ogden, Utah 84401
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The MTC Learning Park is reservable and has a walking trail extending along the Ogden River Parkway, complete with an indigenous variety of plants and wild flowers; it is a Utah State University Botanical Garden. The park offers a small visitor center with information regarding the natural flora and fauna of the immediate vicinity. As a university extension, there are classes offered and information/instruction for plant care, gardening tips and pest identification. A large picnic shelter, smaller picnic shelter, and gazebo with small amphitheater compliments the beautiful rose garden (popular for outdoor weddings). With no playground, this is a more passive park. Also included is a very nice meditation grove and pergola with water feature. The parking lot also serves one of the many accesses to the Ogden River Parkway. Fishing is also a great feature along the river.

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MTC Learning Park
MTC Learning Park