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Garbage & Recycling

Garbage & Recycling

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Garbage Truck

Ogden City provides refuse pickup and recycling services using an automated system.

Ogden City provides weekly automated curb-side refuse and recycling pick up to residents of Ogden City. The City provides refuse and recycling carts. Additional carts are requested through the Public Ways and Parks Division. Recyclables and refuse are picked up the same day. Both refuse and recycling materials are transported to the Weber County Transfer Station located on Wilson Lane. Two trucks will stop by each residence on their collection day; same day, different times of the day. One truck will pick up recyclables and the other will pick up trash.

A summary of Ogden City refuse services includes:

  • Weekly curbside garbage collection
  • Weekly curbside recyclable collection
  • Year round operation of a green waste drop-off site
  • Oversight of the year-round Dial-A-Dumpster program
  • Distribution and maintenance of garbage and recycling carts

Ogden City provides garbage carts for a weekly fee. Garbage collection fees are based on how many and what size garbage carts you have. Refuse rates are charged per garbage cart and per pickup and delivery.

Important Information

If you overfill your cart and the attached lid won't close completely, you can replace your cart  with a larger one or have an additional cart delivered to you (charges and terms of service will apply).

If you put unapproved or prohibited materials in your garbage or recycling cart your carts may be removed and your service terminated, in whole or in part. If only recycling services are terminated, you will still receive regular garbage and refuse services, with no reduction in monthly charges, but will not be allowed to obtain another recycling cart for a period of time.

It is against the law to tamper with any cart or its contents, remove the contents of any automatic cart, or move an automatic cart from the location where the same has been placed for collection.


The Dial-A-Dumpster program allows a small group of residents to have a dumpster delivered to their home and is designed to help residents keep yards and neighborhoods clean year round. This is a free service for Ogden City residents. Please refer to the program documentationPDF Document for specific details.


To encourage recycling and promote our environmental initiatives, Ogden City provides blue recycle carts as a free service. However, putting non-recyclables in blue recycle carts may warrant their removal. Please refer to our detailed documentationPDF Document for a listing of accepted recyclable items. We encourage you to drop off additional recyclable items at any of these local drop-off sitesPDF Document.

Glass Recycling

Ogden City provides residents with glass recycling options at three separate locations. Large containers marked ‘Glass Recycling’ are located at 4th Street Park, Weber State University, the Green Waste Site and Ogden High School’s south parking lot.

Residents can drop off all types of glass at the bins, including brown, green and clear glass. Glass is not allowed in the blue recycle bins residents have at their home for curb side collection—those bins are to be used for plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and paper products only.

Momentum Recycling maintains the glass recycling bins and coverts post-consumer glass into high-quality raw material at their Salt Lake facility for a wide range of uses including decorative tiles, fiberglass insulation, sandblasting, filtration systems, and concrete additives.

Residents are urged to rinse out glass bottles, jars and containers and remove their labels and lids.

Green Waste Disposal Site

The Green Waste Disposal Site  is a service provided to Ogden City residents only. Permitted natural waste accepted includes brush, leaves, grass and small tree branches. Roots, stumps, sod and dirt are not accepted. The following materials are available for sale at the site:

  • Compost
  • Firewood
  • Ground cover
  • Mulch
  • Rock chips
  • Wood chips

Please refer to Green Waste Disposal site documentationPDF Document for additional information, including pricing and questions. Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 8:30am-5:00pm, closed holidays.