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Water Services

Water Services

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Public Works Building

Address 133 West 29th Street
Ogden, Utah 84401
Operating Hours 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Mon - Fri, Closed Holidays
Main Office Phone 801-629-8321
After Hours Emergency 801-629-8221

Ogden City Public Utilities is committed to providing clean safe drinking waterPDF Document to our citizens. Ogden City Public Utilities also maintains and repairs the sanitary sewer system within the city limits. Our city sewer pipes transport sewer to be treated by the Central Weber Sewer District.

Your utility bill includes the following charges,

We require the recorded owner of the property to sign up for or discontinue services. Bills are due seventeen (17) days after the billing date each month. Billing amounts are determined by meter readings, except during  months of inclement weather, usually December, January, and February. Readings are estimated during those months. Landlords are responsible for the unpaid bills of their tenants.

Fire Hydrants

Ogden currently maintains about 6,000 fire hydrants located throughout the city. Hydrants are for the exclusive use of the Ogden City Fire Department to protect the community from fire. Please do not tamper or interfere with any hydrant. Contractors and citizens are in some special cases authorized to use hydrants on a temporary basis. If a hydrant is being used by anyone other than the Ogden City Fire Department please contact Public Utilities immediately and it will be determine if the use is authorized.

Water Pressure

Water pressure varies within the City’s distribution system, from about 50 pounds per square inch (psi) in the higher elevations of Town, to around 159 psi in the lower elevations. The pressure variation is controlled primarily by elevation; thus, water storage tanks are built on high above the city to ensure good pressure throughout the city. That way pressure can be provided to the system without excessive pumping. If your home is close to one of our storage facilities you may not have as much water pressure as someone further down the hillside. The higher on the hill your house is, the lower the pressure may be. Occasionally, customers may experience higher than normal or lower than normal water pressure. Newer homes that comply with current building code have pressure regulator valves (PRV’s) installed to regulate the pressure in the home. Older homes may not have a PRV and may experience fluctuations in water pressure.

No Water?

The most common reason for being without water is a water main break or frozen pipes. Water line breaks are often caused by someone digging without first contacting Blue Stakes and damaging a waterline. Main waterline leaks occur without notice and often at odd hours or during inconvenient times. This usually requires us to turn off the water in a neighborhood for a short period of time to make the repairs. We will notify you of any planned water shut off, however: the nature of emergency water line breaks does not allow us to notify citizens prior to water shut off.

Anytime you are without water and don't know why, please contact the Public Utility office. If your neighbors are experiencing the same problem, there may be a main water line break. If you live in an apartment or condominium complex, the problem may be with the water system in the building. If so, the owner or manager is responsible. You should contact them directly.

Construction Water

A fee for construction water is assessed and collected when the building permit application is taken. Contractors are allowed to use a filler (bypass) in the meter box only during the construction phase. This filler is required to have a dual check valve. Water used under this agreement, is for new home construction only. Once a final clearance is issued or an occupancy permit is issued an application needs to be made for permanent water. To make application, an order for a meter set may be made by the owner of the property. This set is worked by the Water Department after the following has been verified,

  • The meter box and connections are verified to be within code requirements
  • A water clearance is given by the Ogden City Inspections Department

Water needed for landscaping, pools, etc. must also make application and be metered.

Backflow and Cross Connection:

Cross connections can occur anytime there is a connection between the public water system and another private system. Backflow is when water flows back into the city system from a cross connection. This can occur at any cross connection. Cross connections are a potential source of contamination of the entire City system. Every connection to the city system should have a backflow prevention device (one way valve) that prevents back flow from happening. A garden hose hooked to an outside faucet and into a swimming pool is a good example. In this case, there is a potential for the swimming pool water to flow back through the hose and into the city system when the garden hose water is turned off. If you have questions concerning backflow or cross connection you can call Public Utilities or you can refer to the Utah State Division of Drinking Water.