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Who Can Obtain a Building Permit?

By law, building permits can only be issued to two types of people:

  • Licensed contractors
  • Homeowners (If they live in the house they’re working on)

All commercial projects require licensed contractors. If you do not qualify for either category, please call the Development Service Center.

If you are a rental property owner, please read this document before you proceed with any work on your rental property.

Ogden City regulates construction and provides safeguards to ensure public safety through its permitting process. As part of the permit process, plans are reviewed to ensure compliance with adopted codes. Building permits are issued for new construction as well as for additions to and remodeling of existing buildings and structures.

New Construction Permits

The following permits apply to the beginning of the building construction process:

To process a permit you need two complete sets of plans and specifications for residential plan submittal and three complete sets for commercial plan submittals. Each application on this webpage has a checklist which outlines the items necessary for submittal. If there is no checklist as part of the application, there are no additional plans or documents required.

Remodel/Addition/Alteration Permits

To access each type of application, simply click on its title and print it out. Bring the completed form to the one-stop Development Service Center located on the second floor (north end) of the Ogden City Municipal Building. If all the required documents are in order, a permit can be issued.

Land Use Permits

Land Use Permits are only regulated by the Zoning Code, and do not need to be inspected by a building inspector. These include:

  • Sheds less than 200 square feet in floor area
  • Fences
  • Driveways (on private property)
  • Patios and other flatwork

Land Use Permits are free and do not require building plans to be submitted. However, a site plan PDF Document is required with the application PDF Document. The site plan will allow the City to know what features are on the property that will restrict or allow for a fence, a driveway, a shed, or a patio. Instructions for drawing a site plan can be found here PDF Document.

The site plan and the completed application must be brought in to the Customer Service Counter in Suite 240 of the Municipal Building on a business day between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Upon the approval of a City Planner, a Land Use Permit will be issued.

For more information on zoning and land use permits, please visit the Zoning/Land Use page.

Engineering Permits

An engineering permit is required for any work within the public right-of-way. The public right-of-way includes all public property, i.e. sidewalks, streets, curbs, gutters, and park strips. Some of the most common engineering permits include excavation and street excavation, sanitary sewer, curb, gutter and sidewalks and driveway approaches, plus sewer, water and other utility lines. Please contact the Development Service Center with any questions you may have about work within public rights-of-way.

The City offers a 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program to residents of single family dwellings to assist with the cost of replacing damaged sidewalks.

Storm Water Pollution and Prevention

Ogden City has a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit with the State of Utah. This permit both authorizes and obligates Ogden City to keep all construction and industry within Ogden City limits in compliance with State and Federal Storm Water Regulations. Any construction or development of 5000 square feet or greater is required to obtain and maintain a Storm Water Pollution Prevention PlanPDF Document permit. The SWPPP Best Management Practices (BMPs) and erosion control devices must be in place prior to commencement of the project. SWPPP permits do expire and must be renewed.

An acceptable Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan will come in one of the following forms:

Home construction sites of less than 5,000 square feet do not require a City SWPPP permit; however, these sites must still comply with municipalPDF Document, state, and federal storm water regulations.

Permits Fees

Permit fees and plan review fees are assessed in accordance with Table 1-A of the 1997 Uniform Administrative Code and as outlined in section 16-1-4 of the Ogden City municipal code. Permit fees pay for a portion of building inspections. For estimates on building permit fees, call the Development Service Center.