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City Council Initiatives

City Council Initiatives

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Improved Water the Focus of Water Horizons

The Ogden City Council has introduced a new proactive initiative that has been designed to improve water, storm water, and sewers in the city. This process is called Water Horizons. For more information, download the Water Horizons Information Booklet.PDF Document

It is the Council’s intent that this plan will lead to a more firm understanding of the city’s current and future water needs. The Council has issued several public statementsPDF Document regarding water issues and will continue to work toward the betterment of water services in Ogden. The Council recently approved the Ogden City Water Shortage Management PlanPDF Document as part of this process.  Residents are encouraged to check back often to view new information.

Water Horizons

City Council Introduces Transportation Horizons

The City Council desires to be actively involved in and address the future of Ogden’s transportation needs and opportunities, thus Transportation Horizons was created to capture all current and future efforts.