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Ogden City 2015 Municipal Election

Ogden City 2015 Municipal Election

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2015 Municipal Election


Council Member – Municipal Ward 2   (No Primary Race)

Richard Hyer                                                                         Financial Report


Council Member – Municipal Ward 4

Dori Stauffer Mosher                 Profile                     Financial Report

Ben Nadolski                                        Profile                     Financial Report

John H. Thompson                       Profile                     Financial Report

Daniel Gladwell                                 Profile                     Financial Report

Council Member – At Large Seat C

Eric Holmes                                           Profile                     Financial Report

Vance Jay Jackson                     Profile                     Financial Report

Luis Lopez                                               Profile                     Financial Report

Virginia Hernandez Reza    Profile                     Financial Report

John Ogden                                           Profile                     Financial Report


Mayor   (No Primary Race)

Mike Caldwell                                                                         Financial Report

Sebastian Benitez                                                            Financial Report

For more information, see the 2015 Official List of Primary Candidates.