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Take a step back in time with the Historic Preservation Scavenger Hunt.

Take a walk through Ogden's Historic District for the Historic Preservation Scavenger Hunt.

Ogden's development director awarded economic development designation

Tom Christopulos met the demanding requirements for recertification as Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). With 24 years economic development experience, Christopulos achieved the rigorous criterion, one of only a couple in the state of Utah.

Is Your Sidewalk in Need of Repair?

Ogden City's 50/50 Concrete Replacement Program offers residents and immediate and economical way to repair or replace broken sidewalks on their property.

Engage in Ogden's Future Through Branding Initiative

Ogden City is in the beginning stages of a branding process that will shape the community for years to come.

Elected Council Members and 2016 Leadership Sworn into Office

Elected Council Members and 2016 Leadership Sworn into Office

Pineview Reservoir Proposal: Open-Water Swim Course

Pineview — the busiest reservoir of its size in the state — has experienced an increase in swimmers training to participate in regional triathlons as well as hosting a growing number of paddle boards and boats. Lap swimming in a pool is an excellent training foundation but actual open water training is vastly different and triathletes must also train in open water conditions.

Ogden Union Stockyards to be transformed into a modern business park

Ogden City discusses plans to rebuild the Ogden Union Stockyards in a video detailing the vision for a master planned business park in west Ogden.