Emergency Notification System

Emergency Alert 

Citizens have the opportunity to receive emergency notifications in the event of possible flooding, a missing child, weather dangers, evacuation notices, and other emergency events. Ogden City has partnered with Weber County to provide Ogden residents with recorded messages to home phones and cell phones and to send text messages and emails alerting residents of impending dangers.

Many residents no longer have land lines in their homes and are increasingly relying on their cell phones and emails for emergency notifications. Weber County’s Emergency Notification System alerts residents using a recorded voice message to cell phones, alternate land lines, and/or written messages to email and SMS/text devices. The system is designed to make multiple attempts to connect with lines that are not answered or ring busy.

Residents simply register phone numbers (up to 6) and email addresses (up to 2) where they would like to receive emergency notifications. Keeping this registry current is imperative. When a resident moves, he/she must update phone numbers, email addresses, and physical address in order to receive emergency information.  

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