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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

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Being prepared is everyone's responsibility. Not just government agencies, but all sectors of society should plan ahead for emergency situations. This includes service providers, businesses, civic and volunteer groups, industry associations and neighborhood associations, as well as every individual citizen. During the first few hours or days following a disaster, essential services may not be available. People must be ready to act on their own.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Community and Family Preparedness Program educates the general public about disaster awareness and preparedness. FEMA provides opportunities, information and tools to help other organizations and agencies educate the public on disaster preparedness.

FEMA also provides Are You Ready? An in-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness (IS-22); ¿Está listo? Una guía para la preparación de los ciudadanos proporciona información práctica sobre la manera en que su familia puede prepararse para cualquier desastre. This comprehensive book provides in-depth information about all major hazards and disaster potentials. The Are You Ready? and Esta Listo? websites also provide videos suitable for family viewing.

Ready America is a website provided by US Department of Homeland Security in conjunction with Citizen Corps. This site should be your first stop in designing a preparedness plan. The kids section provides interactive and entertaining games for children as well as ideas for parents on how to assist their children in both preparing for and surviving a disaster.

Need assistance in learning about emergency perparedness? Visit Accessible Emergency Information website, where there are 52 emergency preparedness videos in American Sign Language formatted to be user friendly to deaf, blind, and limited sight populations. The information is in video and downloadable document format for public use. There is no charge for use of the materials posted on this website.

For specific questions about Ogden City's Emergency Preparedness, please contact Email the Risk Management Division.