Real Time Crime Center

rtccThe Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) is a state-of-the-art facility focused on crime reduction in Ogden City and supporting crime and counter-terrorism activities throughout the state. The RTCC’s primary role is to assist police officers by providing real-time reports, information, support, tips, leads, and monitoring. The RTCC also fulfills an ancillary role as the Operations Center for the larger Emergency Operations Center (EOC) within the Public Safety building. The RTCC supports Ogden's expanded public safety and public works needs with trained technicians in the event of a natural or man-made disaster requiring the activation of the City-wide Emergency Operations Plan.

Proactive Enforcement

The RTCC delivers a proactive approach to law enforcement during developing situations. Instead of an officer asking for research by the dispatcher, the officer will now be given the information and intelligence while he or she is in route to or on a call. Individuals with outstanding warrants or in suspected violation of the gang injunction, the good landlord rental program, or people of interest in other investigations by other elements of the police department or other city departments, are just a few examples of the information the RTCC can provide quickly to the handling officer.

The RTCC also does supplemental investigative work for various bureaus within the department, providing data mining support to detectives in complex cases, especially cold cases where additional in-depth research may turn over clues not available by other means. The RTCC, through Memorandums of Agreement, supports any requesting law enforcement agency.

Situational Based Awareness

The RTCC provides an ability to work on significant Priority 1 and Priority 2 calls as they come to the dispatch center before an officer has been dispatched. This is done by a law enforcement officer, assigned to the RTCC, who has experienced this kind of call for service and who also possesses the technical skills necessary to locate specific supplemental information the responding officer is going to need upon arrival. The RTCC officer sends the information to the handling officer, while the officer is in route, via the officer’s in-car computer. Examples of possible information to be sent to the officer include who may be at the residence, people who have associations with residence, such as parolees, drug dealers, and gang members, those persons having an outstanding warrant, and the crime and violence history of the location.

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Officer Safety

Occasionally the responding uniformed officer may have less than a year’s experience. The RTCC gives new officers access to a seasoned officer with immediate information necessary to help solve the crime quicker and thereby reduce the time to make an arrest and get a suspect into the judicial process and through incarceration. This is the most significant resource the RTCC offers an individual officer.

Real Time Response

The RTCC is capable of many enhanced uses of maps and the ability to give intelligence to those who need it quickly. Any incident can be managed from the center and communicated to those with a need to know wherever they are away from the center as long as they have a basic smart phone or similar device in their possession through the use of an operational platform. This operational platform/main viewer on the wall for the RTCC personnel discovers things like the location of public safety vehicles, where a plume may go in the event of a natural disaster, the residence of people of interest, camera feeds of certain locations, recent criminal incidents so that geographical profiling can happen with predictive crime analysis software. Additionally, as the center becomes more robust, an unmanned aerial blimp is planned to be added to offer a bird’s eye view of a scene through video reconnaissance.

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