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Ogden Trails Network

Ogden Trails Network

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 ogden trails 

The Ogden Trails Network (OTN) was established to provide a world-class trail system in the city of Ogden, Utah. The OTN is a partnership between the city of Ogden and volunteers within the community. Anyone interested in joining the OTN can contact them at ogdentrailsnetwork@gmail.com.

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Want to learn the secrets of Ogden's trails?

 trails book

Ogden’s long love affair with its mountain and urban trails is celebrated in a new coffee-table book about to be published by the Ogden Trails Network (OTN) committee.

Secrets of the Ogden Trails is designed to enhance the experience of using the city’s 75-mile network of trails for both new and long-time residents. “There is a surprising world just a hike away,” according to writer and editor Ron Thornburg.

The 42-page, soft-cover book features the spectacular color photography of OTN member David Owen. Owen’s pictures will give readers a new appreciation for the unique beauty of our area, Thornburg said. The photos are enhanced by graphic artist Michael Goodwin’s design.

The book features little known stories about places along the trails that connect us to prehistoric Indians as well as more recent Mormon pioneers. It includes“Pathfinder Profiles” of residents who worked tirelessly to construct and improve the trail system. It includes a foreword by Dr. Mikel Vause and an afterword by Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell.

Pre-publication copies may be ordered before April 1 for $17.95 a copy on the Ogden City website. Copies at the full cost of $19.95 will be available starting May 7 at OTN’s third annual Shin-Dig! party at The Front Climbing Club. All proceeds from the book will be used to support building and maintaining city trails.

Ogden's Most Popular Trails:

Beus Trail

Begin at the trail head on the east end of 46th Street. Rating is Difficult (Hikers, Bikers and Horses)

Bonneville Shore Line Trail

This trail runs north/south and is the backbone to all connecting trails onto Mt. Ogden. You may access the BST at any of the established trail heads along the front of Mt. Ogden. Rating Easy (Hikers and Bikers)

Burch Creek

The lower portion of the trail gets regular use but after a few hundred yards the signs of human visitation diminish. The first 1/4 mile is on private property and property rights should be respected. Rating Moderate (Hikers and Bikers)

Coldwater Canyon

This trail begins at the Smokey Bear sign in Ogden Canyon. The trail crosses the old Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC camp) and continues up the stream. The trail splits at the second bridge. The left hand trail continues up the left branch of Coldwater Creek and passes an old sawmill before ending at the base of the mountain. The right hand turn at the second bridge becomes the Indian Trail and continues to a shelter at the 6,000-foot level and on to the 22nd Street trail head. Rating Moderate (Hikers)


The west trail head is located at the east end of 22nd street. Follow the signs to the left from the parking lot. The east end trail head is located at the Smokey Bear sign in Ogden Canyon. Rating Moderate Difficult (Hikers)

Mt. Ogden Exercise

A popular portion of the Ogden Trails Network links the trail heads at 29th Street and 36th Street. The Mt. Ogden Exercise Trail is essentially flat and surfaced with bark chips. A loop of the golf course may be made using the sidewalks on the west side of the course. Rating Easy (Hikers and Bikers)

Strongs Canyon

Begin at the 36th Street trailhead and follow the Mt. Ogden Exercise Trail up the hill. At the footbridge, turn upstream. About 100 yards upstream you will cross the mountain bike trail and bridge. Continue upstream to the water measuring dam and bridge. Continue upstream to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) and bridge. The trail continues up the stream from the BST but is not maintained. At the BST you may turn either north or south (consult the map for the BST. Rating Easy to Moderate (Hikers and Bikers)

Waterfall Canyon

Begin at the 29th Street trail head. Take the trail to the left at the shelter and follow the sign. This is a moderately difficult trail with some scrambling. Rating Moderate Difficult (Hikers and Bikers)