Arts Master Plan

AMP front page
The purpose of creating a Master Plan for Arts and Culture is to provide a framework
and road map to move the arts forward as a key element in enhancing quality of
life, promoting economic development, enhancing education, and celebrating our
community. Ogden City’s 2002 General Plan directed that an arts master plan be
created. A plan was created previous to this document, but never adopted. In April of
2015 Ogden City charged Ogden City Arts to develop a Master Plan for Arts and Culture
to be adopted and guide the city for the next 10-15 years. Working with an independent
consultant, city arts staff, a steering committee, and public subcommittees, the result
is a comprehensive document that reflects and captures as many of the community’s
values and needs as possible.

The electronic version of the plan can be opened by clicking on the link below.