Quality Neighborhoods

Quality Neighborhoods are healthy neighborhoods that include a variety of:
  • Commercial and residential properties
  • Mixed-use space
  • Usable open space
  • Multi-modal transportation options
  • Are visually interesting and create memorable experiences
  • Provide meaningful citizen interaction and social activities
  • Are secure and safe
  • Promote economic sustainability
Jointly adopted by the City Council and Mayor in November 2015, the Quality Neighborhoods Initiative is the City’s plan to stabilize and revitalize Ogden’s neighborhoods as “neighborhoods of choice” by establishing a pattern of public investment that catalyzes desirable and appropriate community development. In redeveloping neighborhoods, creating this investment environment involves building on the bright spots that exist within the neighborhood while removing impediments to investment.

Quality Neighborhoods Initiative

How are neighborhoods selected?

Completed in 2000, Ogden City’s General Plan was developed over a four-year process involving extensive public outreach and includes a vast amount of public comment relating to the entire City at large. The General Plan provides a common vision toward which Ogden City should be moving in the various aspects of land use, infrastructure, community identity, environmental resources, housing, neighborhoods, parks and recreation and transportation. From the General Plan, Community Plans were developed. Currently there are 18 community planning areas within Ogden.

Involve Ogden - General Plan
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Community Investment Framework

A Community Investment Framework is a document prepared for the purpose of implementing Community Plan elements and removing impediments to the Plan. It’s direct purpose, and the larger purpose and role of the Redevelopment Agency of Ogden City, is to encourage and assist private enterprises, citizens and businesses to invest in Ogden’s neighborhoods in harmony with the Quality Neighborhoods Initiative and the General Plan of the City.

The Framework offers provisions to facilitate economic investment through physical reconstruction and neighborhood improvements that will enhance the significance of the City’s most valuable neighborhoods. The Framework also establishes action that might be taken and tools available to increase the velocity and amplitude of investment in these neighborhoods. Incorporating land use, urban design, and development strategies that are in accordance with best practices and Ogden’s General Plan, the Framework promotes a vision for mixed-use neighborhoods that create and sustain a desirable quality of life. Various projects identified within the Framework will be made through a series of tools and incentives available to existing owners and private third-parties. Those tools and incentives are designed to encourage:
  1. Home Ownership
  2. House repair upgrade and improvement
  3. Rental property upgrades - Remove substandard housing
  4. New infill development
Adams Investment Area - Community Investment Framework