What We Do

Ogden City Arts supports the belief that the arts are an integral part of a healthy culture, providing both intellectual nourishment and social benefit, and that community arts programs provide significant value both to communities and to artists.

Ogden City Arts’ mission is to enrich the lives of Ogden residents and visitors by ensuring access to visual, performing and literary arts and arts education. In supporting arts organizations and independent artists Ogden City Arts works to connect the arts to daily life, education and economic development.

Ogden City Arts is a significant force in Ogden. The office works closely with the Ogden City Arts Advisory Committee. This committee was appointed by the Mayor and with representatives from the community, artists and arts organizations. They represent the current regular programs, however, special projects are also overseen by the office.


An annual grant cycle supported with funds approved by City Council, the Ogden City Arts grants fund General Support Grants for organizations with non-profit status and Project Grants for individuals and organizations that may not have that status.

Mayor’s Awards in the Arts

Every year the Mayor recognizes community individuals in the arts for Advocacy, Performing Arts, a Youth Artist, Visual Arts, Lifetime Contribution, Literary Arts, Design Arts, Media Arts, Folk Arts and Arts in Education. Awards are nominated by the community and not all categories are funded each year, depending on nominations.

Poet Laureate

The Ogden Poet Laureate serves as the official ambassador of literary culture, using their position as a platform from which to promote the trans-formative qualities of poetry and the written word through all parts of the communityThe Poet Laureate reads at public events, works with schools in literary education, work to raise the community consciousness to a greater appreciation of the reading and writing of poetry, while supporting literary arts, ephemeral arts, and a vibrant art scene in Ogden City.

First Friday Art Stroll

Held on the First Friday of every month the stroll features galleries, public art and art installations around town. It is an interesting and well attended event and grows annually in its scope and participation.

Legislative Subcommittee    

At this time, the legislative subcommittee is developing to engage our local legislature to bring new attention and funding to Ogden in support of the many programs here, including a developing Arts District.

Master Plan for Arts and Culture

The development of this plan was overseen and organized by Ogden City Arts with leadership by Jake McIntire, a private consultant and artist.

Public Art Program

With annual support committed by the City Council and governed by ordinance, the Public Art Program funds various different art installations and events. The process is overseen by subcommittee who review applications and make recommendations to the Mayor.