Christmas Village Advisory Committee

The Christmas Village Advisory Committee was created to advise the Administration on the displays, activities and programs which take part in the Christmas Village.

The Committee consists of 14 voting members who are residents of Ogden City or Weber County; one member shall be an Ogden City employee; if exercised by the Weber County Commission 7 of the members shall be selected from nominations from the Commission.   Each member serves a 3 year term and may be reappointed.   They meet monthly to discuss, plan and create new ideas for the upcoming Christmas celebration.
Our Amazing Committee Members:
Nikki Lovell - Chair
Craig Bielik - Vice Chair
Bonnie Baird 
Brenda Burrup
Cindi Hellewell
Cindy Weloth
Diana Meiser
Ernie Terrazas
Jacob Chadwick
Judi Culley
Nick Morris
Richard Armstrong
Sandra Tuck

Legacy Members
Jo Packham
LouAnn Kamigaki
Skip Reese

Sub Committee Members
Diana Lopez
Richard Armstrong
Nicole Lovell
Sherry Ferrin