Moments Art Festival

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MOMENTS was a one-night experimental art event showcasing performative, ephemeral, temporary, and light-based art. MOMENTS took place during the May 5th First Friday Art Stroll in a variety of spaces throughout Ogden, activating traditional and nontraditional areas. Visitors were able to stroll throughout the sites, seeing work from more than 20 artists ranging from video projections, dance performances, music, temporary installations, light-based sculpture, participatory art projects, and more.

MOMENTS was free and open to the public. Attendees enjoyed interventions, installations, projections and participatory, community-based art projects across some 20 sites (many currently vacant) throughout Ogden, from Union Station to Jefferson Ave.

Ogden First worked with community curators Jake McIntire and Eden Buxton, with support from Weber State University, Ogden City Arts and Community & Economic Development to produce this amazing event, which was intended to expand and diversify both the artistic programming AND audience for the Stroll. We hope to grow this into an annual event of national appeal."

Schedule of Events

O1ARTS Curation

Polkadots Community Art Installation
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Using Yayoi Kusama's large-scale paintings and installations as inspiration, O1ARTS is sponsoring the largest community art installation in Ogden's history.  It's our goal to cover 25th Street between Washington Blvd and Ogden Avenue with polkadots from as many residents and community groups as possible!

Molly Morin - "Catch Me" - Projection on E side of 455 bldg

Catch Me is an interactive drawing program that lets participants drive a generative drawing. A rotating set of procedures will let the audience build the work as animated forms chase the cursor around the projection. The drawing will build and change over the course of the evening, inviting input from passers-by.

Cara Krebs + Students @ 455 25th Street

Window Installation:
Inside the dark, hollow room of 455 25th Street a tangle of hundreds of florescent cords floats and drapes over a mountain of black detritus.  From a designated viewpoint the chaos of glowing cords aligns to reveal a scene of hovering jellyfish.  Students of Cara Krebs's Weber State Drawing class designed and executed this spatial drawing as an exploration of illusion, line and perspective.

Ike Bushman @ PLATFORMS
The project will consist of ice blocks, rope, and twine. The ice blocks are tied with contractor-grade rope and twine and then suspended above the ground using an existing structure found on location. The ice blocks are hung in such away that as they melt they move and create tension with each other. The exciting part of the sculpture is to watch as the tension is released and then the viewer is able to see the slack ropes and twine as a record of the event.

Jake McIntire's Students from Weber State University's Art 1130 - intro to 3D Design course will be making sculptures which incorporate light as a central design element.


6:30 & 7:15pm
Local dancer Deja Mitchell and crew debut a new work at PLATFORMS! Embodying the energy of this moment in time, a finger on the pulse of community and a movement. This work speaks to vitality, hope, buoyancy and ambition.

Ogden-Inspired Ekphrastic Poetry Reading based on Ogden City First Friday Art Stroll pieces. Poets will share there the poems that were inspired by/informed by art that hung on the walls of the local galleries during the October 2016 First Friday Art Stroll. 

7:00, 8:00, 8:30pm
NEXT Ensemble will have two musicians, trumpet and bass, and poets, including Brad Roghaar. Poets will read poetry and the musicians will improvise.


PoetFlow poets. These poets who spend their Tuesday nights at the Lighthouse Lounge on Historic 25th Street will share work that will be forthcoming in an PoetFlow Anthology that will be published by Ogden’s own Glass Spider Publishing.

7:45 & 8:15pm
Junction Dance
"Enclose" is a modern-contemporary dance piece that explores the boundaries we, both as a society and as individuals, draw. What happens when we shut ourselves in? What happens when we cross those boundaries? "Junction Dance" is a quartet comprised of Tawna Halbert (choreographer) and dancers Rodolfo Rafael, Amelia Martinez, and Nick Morris.

Kiki Coquette is the founder of Rebelle Birds Burlesque here in Ogden, Utah. Her signature is to mix different dance styles, costumes, eras & music; to create an unexpected entertainment experience.  For this all ages/outdoor event Kiki Coquette will be creating & performing a solo inspired by her love for hip hop dance & culture. She will be dancing to music from the local Ogden hiphop artists Earthworm& Clësh to the song Ink Blots featuring Early Adopted.

DJ playing music 

Closing Ceremony: "returning to the ether" 
A community/participatory event in which attendees will deconstruct an art installation and disperse its components 

Eden Buxton's Curation

Jamie Harper – 6 - 9:45 pm @ Corner of 25th and Washington outside the OMG Cafe. 

This three-dimensional piece will consist of intricate translucent plastic illuminated by neon light fixtures. The object will create a conflict, as its simplicity will not detract from its beauty that the dreamy haze of plastic creates.

Rich Ramos – 6 – 9:45 pm @ 220 25th Street

Water is Life, a live mural painting, will mirror Pablo Picasso’s Guernica in size: 25.5’ X 11.5’. The black and white palette with the distorted and fragmented figures convey a sense of chaos, destruction, and violence which are representative of the struggles at Standing Rock this past year.

Mikey Kettinger – 8:30 - 9:45 pm @ 529 25th Street

The T.V. Commercials Translation Project invites viewers to become active participants by carefully watching a collection of commercials and recording what action each commercial is instructing its viewers to take.

Jeff Taylor – 8:30 – 9:45 pm @ 220 25th Street

Jeff’s video will include several moving portraits. This exploration is reflective of the memories many of us so vividly recollect. These moments in the past contain the people who dwell in them, as well as the certainty that all has happened the way we remember.

Harvey Day – 6 – 9:45 pm - an interactive piece through-out 25th Street

Harvey’s interest in sound has influenced many of his past works. For this piece, he will be using locative audio to create different sounds throughout Ogden. With the application he has been programmed, as you approach one of his arranged sound zones while strolling, new noises will initiate, thus re-contextualizing each area he has chosen.

Instructions for Worth by Harvey Day

  1. Using your smartphone, download the Sonic Maps Player application. 
  2. Tap the "Load" button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Copy and paste this URL: into the search bar.
  4. Tap the "Load" button located beneath the search bar.
  5. Tap the "Done" button.
  6. As you walk around MOMENTS, there will be green dots indicating where sounds will play. 
  7. Put your headphones on, and listen to the sounds of Worth as they interact with your surroundings.

Eden Buxton's curated Performances

Vincent Draper and the Culls - 6:30 - 8:00 pm - Lavender Vinyl

Indie Films (Gaven Sepulveda​) - 6:30 - 7:30 pm - Municipal Block

Spencer Howe - 6:30 - 7:30 pm- 220 25th St. 

Vincent Draper and the Culls - 6:30 - 8:00 pm - Lavender Vinyl

Escher Case -  7:30 - 9:00 pm - Union Station

Marny Lion Proudfit - 7:30 - 8:30 pm - 220 25th St.

Sydney Goodwill - 8:00 - 9:00 pm - Lavender Vinyl

Scott Ferrin - 8:00 - 9:00 pm - 138 25th St. 

Argo House

JP Orquiz - Light Installation / project -  6:00-9:45pm - @ Argo House 529 25th Street

Mikey Kettinger  - Light Installation / project - 8:30-9:45pm - @Argo House 529 25th Street

Emily Royer  - Light Installation / project  - 8:30-9:45pm - @Argo House 529 25th Street

Doug Steel

Light Installation - 6:00-9:45pm @ SW area of Municipal Park on 25th Street


Tent and light display- 6-9:45pm @ SW Corner of Lester Park

Van Sessions

Van Session Season 3 Finale -  6-9:45pm @ the Amphitheater Plaza

6pm - Mother Lights

7pm - The Wednesday People

8pm - Miniature Planets

Chamber Orchestra Ogden

Woodwind Trio perfomance - 6:30-7pm @ Union Station 

 Patricia Francesconi 

Chalk Drawing - 6- 9:45PM @ the NW Corner of 25th and Grant

My name is Patricia Francesconi and I teach at Ben Lomond High school.  I have been doing chalk art for about 10 years now and I love working with large spaces and bright colors.  My piece will be about important moments in my life that I feel I share with many woman and will show the emotional colors that go with those moments.

Kseniya Lindenmayer

Dance Performance- 7-7:30 pm @ SW Corner of 25th and Washington

Eccles Community Art Center Recycled Project


6th Annual Eccles Community Art Center's Recycled Art Competition  5-8pm @ Eccles Community Art Center