Using the guidelines recommended by national, state and local agencies/authorities, the Museums at Union Station now plans to re-open on June 17th. We will carefully and continually monitor the efficacy of these guidelines in real time and make further adjustments as needed. You can read the latest updates from MUS here.

The Ogden City operates the historic Ogden Union Station Museum as an educational and cultural resource. The Station houses four museums (the Utah State Railroad Museum, the John M. Browning Firearms Museum, the Browning–Kimball Classic Car Museum, and the Utah Cowboy Western Heritage Museum) and two art galleries (the Gallery at the Station, and the Myra Powell Gallery).  In addition, Union Station contains a research library and photographic collection. 

Visitors to Union Station and its museum are made up of Ogden residents and tourists. Those who come to the Station and its museum learn about its role in train travel, historic migrations, and Ogden’s continuing contribution to technological innovation. The City to preserve the Station and its museum for future generations and to be a leader in historic preservation, the interpretation of diverse points of view, and community engagement.

About the Museums

  1. Utah State Railroad Museum
  2. Browning Firearms Museum
  3. Browning-Kimball Classic Car Museum
  4. Utah State Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
  5. Art Gallery at the Station
  6. Myra Powell Art Gallery

The Utah State Railroad Museums in Ogden is the state’s tribute to the role of the “iron horse” in connecting Utah to the rest of the nation. This museum features restored locomotives and cars, some dating back to 1800s. Exhibits trace out the Utah’s tie to the building of the transcontinental railroad and share the sights and sounds from the golden age of rail travel, including a locomotive simulator that offers an engineer’s view of the rails. Personal histories and unique artifacts bring to life a great American tradition. Learn More Here.