Golden Age of Motorcars | Ongoing

History of the Collection

In 1971 Matt and Barbara Browning started their collection with the 1930 Packard Model 733 Standard Eight Dual Cowl Phaeton. As a result of their shared interest in old cars they had an enthusiastic and meticulous quest for rare and pristine original automobiles, resulting in one of the finest collection of prewar Brass American classics assembled in recent history.  Their keen interest in people and those who enjoyed their cars led to their participation in car tours and resulted in a legacy of great memories and good friends. Together in 1981 Matt and Barbara dedicated the Browning-Kimball antique car museum at Ogden’s Historic Union Station where the exhibit was continually freshened with new and exciting motor cars from their personal collection.

After Matt and Barbara passed away, 1996 & 1999, nine of their collection was donated to Ogden City to be on display here at the museum. They include an exceptional display of fine automobiles. We use these cars for the annual Pioneer Day Parade, July 24th, and other special events.  Also on display are two cars donated to the museum, a 1937 Packard 115c business coupe from Max Kennedy of Layton Utah, and a 1929 Durant two door sedan from station volunteers Ed and Louise Cooper.   Other items of interest includes two antique gas station pumps, a Dansbury and Franklin mint scale model cars and fire engines, and a collection of Utah license plates dating from 1915 thru the 1970s. Award Trophies’ from various car shows, including Concourse  D’ Elegance at Pebble Beach .

Our volunteers have been very generous with their time donated and artifacts. Steven Sherwood and Alex Jolin are the amazing volunteers responsible for keeping the automobiles polished and in excellent working order. Dave Rusch has donated several items from old service stations, oil and brake fluid cans etc.