Public Programming

We Dig History Student Workshop

Grades 4 to 5  | 90 minutes |  $3 per student (30 students per workshop)

Dig into Ogden’s history in this mock archaeology dig! We Dig History is a hands on program where students participate in a mock archaeological dig of Ogden’s Union Station. Students will be divided into small groups where they will uncover artifacts from Ogden’s past, make observations/inferences, and research artifacts that tell the story about the diverse peoples who have lived and worked in Ogden. Through object observation and research, students will explore the history of Ogden’s diverse peoples, including Native Americans, Chinese, Mexican traqueros, Japanese, female railroad workers, and African American Pullman porters. Make a Reservation.

For more information about the program contact us or check out the information below.

  • School Program Overview
  • We Dig History Core Curriculum Standards
  • Chaperone Guide
  • Guiding Student Discovery


We Dig History program is supported by generous grants from the Utah Humanities, Powell Foundation, Utah Division of Arts & Museums, and Ogden School Foundation.