As Ogden City has grown over time, many areas that are part of unincorporated Weber County have become isolated and are no longer connected to other unincorporated land in the county. These areas are known as islands, because they are effectively surrounded by cities on all sides. Last year, the Weber County Commission examined the islands in Ogden City and, after holding multiple public meetings, made a recommendation that some or all of the property within the islands be annexed into the city. The County Commission considered the efficiency of providing services to the property, the need to address overlapping functions of local government, and whether annexation would result in a more equitable distribution of community resources and obligations. Large parcels of undeveloped property were not recommended for annexation because annexation will be required as those parcels are developed.

All seven of the islands proposed for annexation are highlighted in yellow in the maps below, along with the affected parcel IDs. Use the arrows to scroll through the maps along with their corresponding list of affected parcel IDs 

More details and information can be found below the maps.

Island A

Affected Parcel IDs

  • 15-098-0001
  • 15-098-0002
  • 14-030-0019
  • 14-030-0010
  • 15-067-0033
  • 15-067-0040
  • 15-067-0031
  • 15-067-0025
  • 15-067-0023
  • 15-067-0024
  • 15-067-0020
  • 15-067-0019
  • 15-067-0018
  • 15-067-0034
  • 15-067-0038
  • 15-067-0028
  • 15-067-0039
  • 15-067-0021
  • 15-067-0022
  • 15-067-0004
  • 14-013-0013
  • 14-013-0009
  • 14-013-0007
  • 14-013-0008
  • 14-013-0027
  • 14-013-0001
  • 14-030-0008
  • 14-030-0018
  • 14-031-0039
Island B

Affected Parcel IDs

  • 15-101-0024
  • 15-101-0016
  • 15-101-0005
  • 15-101-0023
  • 15-101-0006
  • 15-101-0015
  • 15-101-0013
  • 15-101-0012
  • 15-101-0007
  • 15-101-0027
  • 15-101-0009
  • 15-099-0001
  • 08-007-0023
  • 15-099-0008
  • 15-099-0007
  • 15-099-0013
  • 15-099-0012
  • 15-099-0021
  • 15-099-0023
  • 15-099-0028
  • 08-002-0003
  • 08-002-0004
  • 08-002-0009
  • 08-002-0019
  • 08-002-0037
Island C

Affected Parcel IDs

  • 15-102-0020
  • 15-102-0031
  • 15-102-0011
  • 15-102-0013
  • 15-102-0033
  • 15-102-0032
  • 15-102-0043
  • 15-354-0002
  • 15-354-0001
  • 15-102-0001
  • 15-102-0042
  • 15-102-0041
  • 15-102-0063
  • 15-102-0019
  • 15-102-0036
  • 15-102-0068
  • 15-102-0069
  • 15-102-0009
  • 15-102-0046
  • 15-301-0002
  • 15-102-0024
  • 15-102-0002
  • 15-102-0003
  • 08-005-0021
  • 08-005-0017
  • 08-005-0004
  • 08-005-0005
  • 08-005-0016
Island D

Affected Parcel IDs

  • 15-100-0001
  • 15-100-0003
  • 15-100-0012
  • 15-100-0015
  • 08-003-0001
  • 08-003-0002
  • 08-003-0003
  • 08-003-0004
  • 08-003-0005
Island E

Affected Parcel IDs

  • 07-004-0019
  • 07-004-0031
  • 07-004-0039
  • 07-004-0040
Island F

Affected Parcel IDs

  • 08-001-0008
  • 08-088-0021
  • 05-145-0034
  • 05-145-0023
  • 05-143-0028
  • 05-148-0002
  • 05-148-0006
  • 05-148-0007
  • 05-148-0014
  • 05-149-0006
Island G

Affected Parcel IDs

  • 08-002-0008

Potential Changes

Ogden City is proposing to annex the unincorporated land, recommendation by the County Commission, into its boundaries. If approved by the City Council, this action will affect land and residents of these newly annexed areas in several ways.

  1. Land Use. All land, regardless of whether it is located in the city or the county, has certain legal restrictions on how it can be used. These restrictions apply uniformly across geographic areas called zones. These zones are frequently regulated with the understanding that land within the zone will be predominately used for manufacturing, commercial or residential uses. It is anticipated that similar zoning rules will apply to the annexed land once it is in the city as they now apply in the county. It is important to note, however, that specific uses currently allowed by county regulations may not be allowed in the city. If the current use of land is legal in the county, that land use may continue once the land is annexed into the city – even if the city code does not recognize that same use. This is called a non-conforming right. Although non-conforming rights can be lost under certain conditions, they will not be terminated as long as the legally recognized use is continued in the manner it was originally approved. In some cases, the choices of what can happen on the land may actually expand following annexation if the city allows uses that are not currently allowed under the county zoning law.
  2. Taxes. If the land is annexed into the city, there will be changes in taxation. These changes will not take place until 2019 taxes are paid. Certain taxes will no longer be assessed against the property (such as Weber Fire District and the county municipal service fee), while other new taxes will be assessed against the property (such as Ogden City taxes). Most islands are currently receiving services from Ogden City without having to pay the same taxes as neighboring property that is already in the city. Resolving this kind of inequity is one of the reasons the county recommended that property in the islands be annexed. Because city tax rates are higher than county tax rates, you will see an increase in your 2019 tax bill compared to what it would have been had the property remained unincorporated. In 2017, the difference in tax charges was approximately 14% more for land in the city than land in the county.
  3. Schools. The school district boundaries to which the affected parcels belong are not being proposed to change. Annexation of land by Ogden City does not automatically make that land a part of the Ogden School District. Changes in school district boundaries are governed by a different process that is controlled by the Ogden and Weber school districts.
  4. Sanitary Sewer Service. Many individuals have wondered if annexation into Ogden City will require that they connect to the public sewer system. The Ogden City Council is considering an ordinance that would allow newly annexed properties currently being served by a septic tank to remain on that private system until the septic system needs a significant new investment, until a change of use occurs on the property, or until a sewer line is located within 300 feet of the property line. Owners of property currently connected to the public sewer will need to sign up for an Ogden City utility account if they have not already done so.
  5. Water Service. Water service changes will be dictated by how property currently receives water. Property owners currently receiving water from Bona Vista will be required to open an Ogden City water account. This change should not require new meters or installation of new water lines since most of the water being provided to unincorporated islands already comes from Ogden City. The monthly charges paid to Ogden City are substantially higher than the monthly charges currently imposed by Bona Vista. The effect on an individual property will vary based on the amount of water used. There are a variety of reasons for this difference in price, but it should be noted that Ogden City installed new water mains in almost all of the public streets serving the islands within the last 10 years, which significantly improved service and provided better water pressure. Although Ogden City water has been supplied during this period, the city allowed Bona Vista to bill users as if they were still receiving water through Bona Vista at the district’s lower rate, but with annexation that arrangement will be terminated. Property owners currently receiving water from an Ogden City account will likely see a reduction in the water portion of their monthly bill. Water service outside the boundaries of Ogden City is charged at twice the rate paid by those who are inside the city. Once those properties become a part of the city, they will no longer be assessed a double rate.
  6. Refuse Service. Ogden City residents in single family homes pay for refuse (trash) collection as part of their utility bill. Commercial buildings are responsible for arranging trash collection with a private company.
  7. Storm Sewer. Customers of Ogden City utilities also pay a fee for storm sewer. This fee is based on the amount of impervious or hard surface located on the property. Each single family home is considered to be an equivalent service unit (ESU) and pays the same fee as other single family residences. One ESU is based on 2,600 square feet of impervious surface. Commercial or retail customers pay for the number of ESU’s associated with the impervious surface area on their property.
  8. Voting. In addition to the county and state officers they currently elect, residents in annexed areas will vote for members of the Ogden City Council and for the city Mayor. The Ogden City Council is made up of 7 members. Three of the members are voted on by all residents of the city and are known as At-Large members. The other four council members represent certain geographic areas or districts. Residents in the west part of Ogden are represented by the council member for District 1 while residents in the south part of the city are in District 4.
  9. Business Licenses and other Regulations. Businesses and household pets with a Weber County license will need to obtain an Ogden City business or animal license and property will be subject to all other Ogden City ordinances.
  10. Roads. Public roads that were formerly maintained by Weber County will be maintained by Ogden City. Private roads or lanes will still be maintained by the individual property owners who use the road or lane.

Recommended Zoning Designations

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Opportunities for Public Input

Ogden City wants property owners and residents of unincorporated islands to be informed of the changes that have been proposed and to understand the consequences of those changes. You are encouraged to attend the information meeting, and to phone or email city staff if you would like additional information about your specific circumstances.

You have several opportunities to participate in the process as an annexation decision is made. These include an information meeting, a public hearing with the planning commission, and a public hearing with the Ogden City Council.

  • Information Meeting - An Information Meeting will be held at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 immediately prior to the Planning Commission meeting at 5:30 pm in the Council Chambers on the 3rd floor of the Municipal Building. The purpose of this meeting will be to provide individuals with an opportunity to ask more specific questions of city staff that would be difficult to address with a larger group. Such questions might include how a particular land use might be affected by annexation. You may also speak with city staff directly if you are unable to attend the open house or would prefer to talk by phone. You may contact planning staff by phone at (801) 629-8921 or by email at
  • Planning Commission Public Hearing – The Ogden City Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 5:30 pm in the Council Chambers on the 3rd floor of the Municipal Building, 2549 Washington Boulevard, Ogden, Utah. The purpose of this hearing will be to make a recommendation to the City Council about how the annexed property should be zoned. As previously stated, zoning determines what types of land uses are allowed in the future and how those uses are regulated. The Planning Commission’s recommendation can be modified by the City Council.
  • City Council Public Hearing – The Ogden City Council will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers on the 3rd floor of the Municipal Building, 2549 Washington Boulevard, Ogden, Utah. The purpose of this hearing is to allow public input about the proposed annexation and the proposed zoning designations and to receive thoughts or concerns from members of the public. Following the public hearing, the Council may adopt an ordinance approving the annexation and designating the zoning for the annexed areas.

Public Notices

Several public notices will be sent regarding the upcoming meetings.  A notice of the upcoming May 16th Planning Commission will be mailed on approximately May 4th, and an additional notice regarding the July 10th City Council meeting will be mailed on approximately June 29th.

Additional Information