Museum Exhibits

Transcontinental Railroad | PERMANENT EXHIBITION

On May 10, 1869 two great railroads, the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific met at Promontory Summit, Utah. A final railroad spike made of gold was driven to celebrate the first transcontinental railroad. Learn More Here.


The SP’s Lucin Cutoff was the railroad’s ambitious project to bypass its original alignment from Ogden to Lucin, around the lake and a distance of 146 miles through mountains that rose 700 feet above the lake, was the main line to California. The Lucin Cutoff, also known as the Great Salt Lake Causeway is an engineering marvel.


“Riding in Style,” explores the evolution of passenger train travel, with an emphasis on the African-American railroad service workers who settled in Ogden and built a community here. These were the porters, waiters, cooks and other railroad employees who helped make rail an elegant way to travel throughout the heart of the 20th century. 

Wattis-Dumke Model Railroad | PERMANENT EXHIBITION

A favorite with visitors showing scale model scenes of local topography have been painstakingly created to depict the local terrain. model trains zip through significant regional features including the Sierra Nevada, the Lucin Trestle across the Great Salt Lake, Ogden Union Station with Historic 25th Street,Weber Canyon, and Dale Creek, Wyoming.

All Aboard Children’s Area | PERMANENT EXHIBITION

Children delight in this newly renovated hands on displays designed especially with active children in mind. The exhibit includes artifacts rail workers used to build and maintain the railroad.

Spencer S. and Hope F. Eccles Rail Center | PERMANENT EXHIBITION

Experience the sheer immensity of the big locomotives up close outside in the Eccles Rail Center. On display are a large variety of locomotives, switch engines, boxcars, cabooses and a staff favorite, the steam powered rotary snow plow. More.

Evolution of Firearms in Miniature | PERMANENT EXHIBITION

An innovative display of miniature guns depicting the development of firearms.


Four generations of Browning’s are represented in this display. From Johnathan, the father, there is the “Harmonica” and a revolving cylinder rifle. John M.’s son, Val A., did much of the early work on the superposed shotgun. Bruce W., John M.’s grandson is an inventor and designer of some of the more recent Browning firearms. More.

Browning Prototypes and Productions | PERMANENT EXHIBITION

Celebrate the genius of John M. Browning, inventor of many sporting and military firearms. This exhibit feature displays original prototypes designed in Ogden, Utah by Browning and his brothers, along with models manufactured by Winchester, Remington, and Colt. The collection includes the BAR (Browning automatic rifle), mainstay of the US Army for 80 years.

Golden Age of Motorcars | PERMANENT EXHIBITION 

The automobiles on display are examples of the Golden Age of motorcar history. Vehicles range from a 1901 single cylinder Oldsmobile to a 1930 16 cylinder Cadillac. Running boards, huge fenders, oversize match lit headlights and rumble seats are reminders of an extravagant era. More.