Planning Commission Meetings

The Planning Commission regularly meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in Council Chambers, on the third floor of the Ogden Municipal Building.  Work Sessions meetings are scheduled as needed.


Effective August 1st the deadline for Commission meeting items will be the first Wednesday of the month prior to the scheduled meeting.  

This is an effort to save time and allow Planning Staff to work with applicants to assure the Ordinances are satisfied and clear information is presented to the Commission.

2021 Schedule

Ways to Comment:

Public Comments & Hearings: Citizen input is encouraged and appreciated during Planning Commission meetings.  The public is invited to voice their opinions on specific items the Commission is considering during meetings and Public Input (3 minutes per person) for those items.

Submit Your Comment Remotely:

If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like to submit your comment to the Planning Commission, you can fill out the form provided below, leave a message at 801-629-8930, or email Comments submitted by noon on Tuesday before a meeting will be added to the public record of that meeting. Submissions will be forwarded to the Planning Commission when received.




July 7, 2021

Agenda Item Address/Desciption Staff Reports Project Briefs
July 7, 2021
Item 2a cell upgrade 1089 9th Staff Report
Item 2b cell upgrade 2186 Lincoln Staff Report  
Item 2c cell upgrade 167 34th Staff Report  
Item 2d cell upgrade 2548 A Ave Staff Report  
Item 2e new cell tower at 366 12th Staff Report  
Item 3 Rezone 3432 Ogden Ave Lindquist Staff Report  
Item 4 Rezone 975 Washington Staff Report `
Item 5 Rezone 768 W 24th Staff Report  
Item 6 CUP Amendment 3027 Midland Drive Staff Report  
Item 7 Rezone 550 E 900 N Staff Report  
Item 8 Final Group dwelling 16th & Harrison Staff Report  
Item 9 Ordinance Amendment - painted brick Staff Report  
Item 10 Southeast Ogden Amendment - Navajo Dr.  Staff Report.  
Item 11 Ordinance Amendment outdoor dining Staff Report  
Item 12 Encroachment permit 195 25th Staff Report