Traffic Citations

Traffic Citation
All traffic violations occurring within Ogden City limits and resulting in a traffic citation must be satisfied with the Ogden City Justice Court. Ogden City's Justice Court can only process charges made within Ogden City limits. If your citation was issued elsewhere in Weber County, please contact the court of the city in which the citation was issued.

Court Appearances

Most traffic violations do not require a court appearance. However, failure to appear or respond to a citation within 14 days will result in additional fines, an arrest warrant, and eventually, suspension of your license.

Paying a Traffic Citation

Traffic Citations should be paid within fourteen (14) days from the date of the citation. If you admit to the charge on your citation and wish to post bail (pay the ticket), you have the option of paying either in person, by mail, phone, or paying online for non-mandatory appearance violations.

You may pay your citation over the phone with a debit or credit card by calling 801-629-8560 or by mail by sending your citation along with your check or money order made out to the:

Ogden City Justice Court
310 26th Street
Ogden, Utah 84401

Plea In Abeyance for Minor Traffic Violations (Traffic School)

If you have received a citation and have no other moving violations on your record for the previous three years, you may opt to ask for a Plea In Abeyance and complete Ogden City Prosecutors Traffic School. After your completion of traffic school, your citation is dismissed. You will need to contact the Justice Court or meet with the Liaison Officer to process your request.

You must pay $60 in addition to the cost of the citation and must appear in person to register.

If you do not qualify for the Plea In Abeyance program, you may call the Utah Safety Council at 800-933-5943 to discuss with them the Defensive Driving Course to remove any accumulated points on your Utah Driver's License.

Appearing in Court

Some citations are classified as mandatory appearance violations because of their severity and risk to the public. To verify whether your citation requires you to appear in court, you can either check the court bail schedule or contact a court clerk who will be happy to assist you.

If you wish to contest the charge(s) on your citation and plead not guilty, you must visit the Justice Court in person within 14 days of the citation and request that a clerk assign you an initial court date. During your court appearance you may request a trial (with or without a jury). Your trial date will be set by the judge at that time.

Court dates can be set over the phone with an email address in which documents may be sent for  electronic signature.