Project of the Week

Looking for something to do? Well here's a great way to get out of the house and explore our beautiful city!

Each week, we will post a new volunteer project. Grab a garbage bag, shovel, pruners, gloves, a friend or family member, and help keep our City looking good and an added bonus, you will be entered to win a prize!

Each quarter we will do a random drawing. The more projects you complete, the more times your name will be entered, so the better your chances are at winning.   
Be sure to submit your volunteer information when you complete each project so you can be entered to win!

Remember to be safe, always maintain a 6' distance from other people, and wear a face mask.    

This Weeks Project is

Branch and Litter clean up along the Parkway Trail from Riverdale north to the Goode Ski Lake (21st Pond)

We are still working hard to clean the mess left behind from the windstorm.    
Please leave the branches near the road so the crews can easily access them.   Do not block the trail, sidewalk or place in the road.
Place trash in the garbage cans along the trail or leave it next to the cans.
Dangerous Conditions
If you see a tree limb hanging or tree ready to fall, leave the area and notify us of the location.

Branches that are too large to pile, please leave and a City Crew will come and remove it. 
Remember to submit your hours to be entered in the drawing.  Be sure to let us know where you left the piles so we can get them cleaned up.

If you need garbage bags or other tools contact Stacey at 801-629-8214 or

Come back weekly to see new volunteer projects!