Air Service

Ogden City has managed a municipal airport since 1928. The original airport sat on 200 acres in southeast Ogden (near where the Ogden Regional hospital is now located) and had three gravel runways. In 1940, work began on development of a section of land southwest of Ogden to meet army air service training requirements. In May 1943, the airport was reestablished and opened in its current location. On October 1943 was dedicated as the Robert H. Hinckley Airport. More of this info can be found in the Standard-Examiner article from Oct. 3, 1943 Pg 2-B and Pg B-1 .

Robert H. Hinckley Field was named after the Ogden native who has a long history with aviation. Robert H. Hinckley's list of achievements are vast.  A short list would include: He was co-founder of the Utah Pacific Airways which became the largest Fixed Based Operator (FBO) in the Rocky Mountain area during that time, he created the Civilian Pilot training program which trained pilots to serve in WW2, he was head of the Civil Aeronautics Authority (CAA), which later became the FAA, he co-founded the ABC News network, and he was the founder of the Hinckley Institute of Politics.  More of his story can be found on

*     In 1943, Western Airlines began mail and passenger service from Ogden, with United Airlines providing service in 1946. Both services ended in 1960 due to poor demand.

*     In late 2012, Allegiant Air started service to Mesa/Phoenix and now a decade later, it has been very successful. The Ogden Regional Airport continues to strive for adding more service to other destinations.  Allegiant served OGD using Airbus A-320 aircraft with 180 seats. Allegiant served OGD-AZA, Ogden to Mesa, Arizona.

*     In May 2021, Avelo Air started service to Burbank-Los Angeles using Boeing B-737-800 aircraft with 188 seats.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of pilots, Allegiant ceased operations at OGD in April of 2022. In June 2022, Avelo moved their aircraft that were serving OGD from Burbank to the east coast base of New Haven, Connecticut.

*     On November 29, 2023, Breeze Airways announced that they will start non-stop service from OGD to the John Wayne / Orange County Airport (SNA) on February 21st, 2024. Flights are scheduled mid-day on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 

Tickets are on sale now at

History in a Minute Video of the Ogden Hinckley Airport

Terminal Amenities

  • AED (Heart Defibrillators) - Located on the left wall in the terminal lobby next to the Paystation pay kiosk.
  • Baggage Claim - Located outside the terminal under the veranda. Luggage is loaded onto a baggage cart and the cart is parked at the front of the Terminal for pickup.
  • Restaurant - Bickering Sisters will remain in operation during all phases of the OGD Terminal Expansion.
  • Restrooms - There are 2 ADA single occupant restrooms in the main lobby of the terminal. These bathrooms also have Koala Kare changing tables. 
    • Additional restrooms are: 
      Women's: the left side of the terminal as you walk into the restaurant area; the passenger hold room. 
      Men's: the right side of the terminal next to the ticketing booth; the passenger hold room.
  • Wheelchairs - available at the airline ticket counter
  • Pet Relief Areas - There are three (3) pet relief areas - 1) the grassy area on the west side of the terminal. Please clean up after your pet, the grassy area is a public picnic and playground area of the airport. 2)  past the security checkpoint -  ask the gate agent at the boarding door for assistance. 3) East of the terminal building, near the flag pole, out in front.
  • Free Wi-Fi

Tarmac Delay Emergency Plan (September 2022)