Hangar and Land Lease Information

Owners and Tenants are all responsible for abiding by the requirements of the FAA Hangar Use and the Ogden City Airport Policies.

Hangar Use and Purpose

Under FAA Airport Compliance Manual, Order 5190.6B, federally obligated airports may use airport property only for aviation-related purposes unless otherwise approved by the FAA. In some cases, airports have allowed non-aeronautical storage or uses in hangars that are intended for aeronautical use. This interferes with the aeronautical use of the hangars. At the same time, the FAA recognizes that storage of some items in a hangar that is otherwise used for aircraft storage will have no effect on the aeronautical use of the hangar.

Per City Policy, Non-Aeronautical Use of Airport Hangars, Hangars at the Ogden Airport are only to be used for aeronautical uses as defined by said policy but not for indefinite storage of nonoperational aircraft as defined by said policy. Incidental Non-Aeronautical Use only as defined by said policy.

Hangars are NOT allowed to be used for personal storage or residence / temporary living quarters / camping out. Reference City Policy Non-Aeronautical Use of Airport Hangars and FAA.gov Hangar Use Policy FAQs for further clarification.

City and FAA policies

Hangar and Land Lease Procedure

Lease Procedure Guide (aka What do I need to do to get or renew a lease) (Oct 1, 2023)

Once the Lease agreement has gone through the City approval process you should receive an email with the subject "Signature requested on ..." requesting you to review and sign. The email address will be echosign@echosign.com. Please look for this email, once you sign the document the process will be in the final steps for completion. Each Leasee will receive an email requesting signature. If there are 3 names listed on the Lease then emails will be sent to the 3 Leasees. All 3 Leasees must sign for the process to continue to the next step.

The signing software will send you a fully executed copy of the lease after the final signature is acquired.

If there are any issues or questions concerning your lease, you will be contacted. Please make sure that the contact information is correct on the lease.

Hangar Inspections

Hangars are required to pass two inspections for new or renewal of leases. A Fire Inspection is required every year. There are no charges for the below inspections.

Hangar Building inspection - City of Ogden Inspection Scheduling 801-629-8950

Fire & Safety inspection - Phone: (cell) 801-725-6005  (work) 801-629-8790;   Email: KevinWaller@ogdencity.com (Appts available on Mon, Thurs, Fri only)


Per Lease agreements, Ogden City requires Hangars and/or Aircraft to have a minimum one million-dollar liability Insurance or as specified by the Lease agreement. Insurance policies and certificates evidencing coverage shall name OGDEN CITY CORPORATION listed as additional insured or named insured (or in the case of property coverage, City shall be named as a loss payee).  

Ogden City must have copies of current insurance and agreements between sub-tenants and owners. 

Lease & Subtenant Agreements 

Example of a Hangar Rental Agreement generic template. This is a MS Word Document that is an example of a Hangar Sublease Rental agreement for the Hangar owner to Sublease to tenant. The Hangar owner may use any template they choose but the CIty requires the minimum information of the 1) term of rental, 2) rent payment amount and 3) name of all individuals involved with agreement. Edit to fit your needs

Contact Information for Hangar Lease Agreements & Subtenant Agreements

Email: Angelrosaro@ogdencity.com 

Phone: (801) 629-8263