Ogden Airport (OGD) is a municipal airport and is categorized as an FAA-certified Part 139 airport, with an FAA control tower, two runways, and an all-weather, 24-hour precision ILS approach capability. DC-9s, MD-80s and B-737/727 class aircraft regularly use the airport for cargo and charter operations. The Ogden Airport is required to follow the following Ogden City policies, FAA policies, and those of Utah State Aeronautics.

Many of these sources can be accessed using the links below :

City Policies

Ogden City Code, Title 8 - Airport ; Revision Policy 2021-21 (05/03/2021)  

Ogden City Code, Title 15, Chapter 24 - Airport Zone Districts and Uses

Ogden City Administrative Policies, Title 11 - Airport

Airport Lease Renewal Title 11 Policy 2000 (Jul 26, 2016)

Airport Redevelopment Plan Title 11 Policy 2050 (Apr 20, 2017)

Airport Redevelopment Plan - NE Commercial Aerospace Project Title 11 Policy 2060 (Mar 30, 2018)

Non-Aeronautical Use of Airport Hangars Title 11 Policy 2040  (Feb 10, 2017)

Airport Identification Badge Title 11 Policy 2070 (May 18, 2021)

FAA Policies

Airport Compliance 

Manual Order 5190.6B

FAA.gov Hangar Use Policy FAQs (Feb 2017)

UTAH State Aeronautics Division