Permit Requirements

Electrical / Gas / Mechanical / Plumbing

A permit is required for an electrical, natural gas, mechanical, or plumbing system for the following:
  • Alter
  • Change
  • Extend
  • Install
  • Repair
  • Replace

Structural Requirements

A permit is required to build, enlarge, alter, or repair a structure.

Replacement Requirements

A permit is required to replace a roof, furnace or water heater.

Use of Building

Also, permits are required when changing the "use" of a building. (Turning a house into a business or adding units, or changing a commercial building from an office to a restaurant)

Permit Examples

  • Build a Retaining Wall
  • Building Additions
  • Building a Garage / Shed / Carport
  • Cutting a New Window or Door Opening
  • Demolition of Any Structure
  • Finishing Basement, Bedrooms and Attic Spaces
  • Installing Signs
  • Making Existing Openings Wider
  • Parking Slabs and Fence Installations (Parking Slabs and Fence Permits Are No Cost)
  • Relocating or Building Walls