Engineering ROW Permit

Online Permit Application

Ogden City's Engineering Permit Application is now available online at

Who can Obtain an Engineering Permit?

Only Licensed Contractors with these classificationswho are insured and bonded with Ogden City can pull an Engineering Permit to work in the City Right-of-Way.  See insurance & bonding requirements below under "Required Documents" 

Required Documents for All Engineering Permits

All work performed in the Right-of-Way requires the documentation below:  Insurance & Bond, Site Plan, Traffic Control Plan and Acknowledgement Sheet.  The Winter Paving Plan is required only during the winter months when hot mix asphalt is not available for road patches.  Click on the buttons for more information and downloadable forms:

Insurance & Bond

Site Plan

Traffic Control Plan

Acknowledgement Sheet

*Winter Paving Plan

Important Information for Contractors

Working on State Roads

Directional Bore Work

Road Moratoriums

Permit Fees

Permit fees are calculated on the scope of work that is to be done. Each permit has a $150 base fee which covers the cost of inspections. Added onto that are various other fees for such things as monthly inspections (SWPPP), pavement cuts, sewer and storm drain taps, water taps, water meters, etc.

Below are two worksheets that list out the most common permit costs associated with utility maintenance and repair.  For larger projects where larger taps, meters and main pipelines are being installed, please contact Ogden City's Permit Coordinator.

Once the Permit is Issued...

  • Work MUST begin within 14 Days, or the permit will EXPIRE.
  • Once work begins, all work - including pavement patching - must completed within 7 days (3 days on Arterial or Major Roads)
  • Expired permits may be reinstated by paying a $30 Extension Fee.

Before Work Begins...

phone call snippet

During Work...

  • Maintain good communication with the Engineering Inspector for the duration of the project.
  • A copy of all necessary permits shall be available onsite at all times (failure to have a permit in hand may result in STOP WORK order being issued).
  • All trench excavation must be covered and protected.  Excavations must be temp-patched immediately upon completion of work, and a permanent patch must be in place within 7 calendar days on most roads (3 days on major roads and arterial roadways)*

snowflake*All excavations done during winter weather MUST have a temporary pavement patch through the winter months, which will be replaced with a permanent hot mix asphalt patch in the spring.  A Winter Weather Paving Plan is required for these jobs.  See "Winter Paving Plan" in the "Required Documents" Section of this page.


  • It is the Contractor's responsibility to call for required inspections.
  • Contractor shall give 24-hour notice on all inspection requests.
  • All work performed without inspection will be redone and may result in fines.
  • All substandard performance, failures and required repairs are the full responsibility of the contractor and the owner.

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