Engineering Site Work Permit

So you want to develop property in Ogden?

It could be anything from making a small lot subdivision from your existing property to something bigger, like developing a larger parcel into a hotel, an apartment building or a larger housing development.

Whatever the case may be, it's always best to familiarize yourself with laws, ordinances and requirements governing not only the property you want to develop, but the type of development you are wanting to build.  The best first step in this process is to present your idea to the Development Review Team.

Concept Review Team (CRT)

Ogden City's Concept Review Team (CRT) is comprised with representatives from Planning, Building Services, Engineering, Water, Sewer and Ogden Fire Department.  Combined, this group is able to meet with the Developer and give an initial review to proposed projects.

CRT meets every Wednesday morning at 9:00am. If you would like to be added to the agenda, please call Ogden City Planning Department at 801-629-8930, or email at 

Project Reviews

  1. After the initial CRT review of the project, submit site/civil plans to Ogden City Planning. 
  2. The plans are then reviewed by all necessary departments. 
  3. The Developer / Contractor is given a list of corrections needed and/or additional documentation required.
  4. Once all of the conditions are satisfied, the developer procures the necessary permits for the project.  
  5. The permitting process will include Financial Guarantees, Building Permits and Engineering Permits.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your project involves a change in use, and includes new residential units, additional building and fire codes may apply!  Please contact Ogden City Building Services for more information. 801-629-8950

Financial Guarantee

There are two financial guarantees required for most projects: the Site-Civil and the Landscaping guarantees.

The Site-Civil guarantee is the calculated amount of the cost of the utility improvements, while the Landscaping guarantee is the calculated cost of all required landscaping for the project.  These guarantees can be submitted in one of three different forms:

  1. Cash Escrow
  2. Irrevocable Letter of Credit
  3. 3rd Party Escrow

This document explains the difference between the three Financial Guarantees.

When the project is completed, and passes final inspections, 90% of the financial guarantee is released back to the developer, while the remaining 10% is held for a 1 year warranty period.

Developer, Contractor & Subcontractor Prequalifications

Any Developer, Contractor or Subcontractor wishing to do work in the City Right-of-Way (ROW) must be a licensed professional with one of these classifications, and who has insurance and bond on record with Ogden City.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to beginning construction, a Pre-Construction Meeting will take place, usually at the Ogden City Municipal Building.  This meeting includes all of the Construction professionals (contractors and sub-contractors) who will be working on the project, as well as many people from the Development Review Team.  At this meeting, the approved plans will be reviewed one last time, schedules for utility taps finalized

Permits Issued

Once the Financial Guarantee is submitted, and the Pre-Construction Meeting has been held, the Engineering Permits can be issued.  Most projects will be issued both a SWPP Permit and a ROW/Site Work Permit.  

The SWPP Permit and all required BMP's MUST be in place before ANY work can commence (including clearing and grubbing the site).

The ROW/Site Work Permit has the same insurance & bond requirements as a standard Right-of-Way permit, but does not have the same expiration constraints, as site work generally takes several months to complete.  This permit should include all fees for required infrastructure improvements (taps, meters, excavation fees, etc)