Tracing the Legacy of Housing Discrimination

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It’s commonly known that after the Civil War, many southern states used Jim Crow laws to establish racial segregation in many aspects of life, such as where a person lives and goes to school to even where a person can go to the bathroom or drink water from. What is lesser known is that northern and western united states and cities, including in our city of Ogden, also developed ways to establish and sustain racial segregation, especially in the housing market through redlining and racially restrictive covenants. But what is redlining, what are racially restrictive covenants, and how do they shape our neighborhood demographics? In this illustrated talk, economist Jenny Gnagey will introduce redlining and restrictive covenants in the context of Ogden, explore their legacy, and discuss the development of her local research on these topics.

The MUSLive program is funded by grants from Weber County RAMP, Ogden City, Utah Humanties, and other generous donors.