Parking Services

To report a parking concern please call the Ogden City Police Department non-emergency number.


For questions regarding a citation please call Ogden City Collections.  


To pay online or file an informal appeal

  • To request a formal hearing pursuant to Ogden City Municipal Code section 10-6-4B, contact parking services at 801-629-8723.  A $25 nonrefundable fee is required with the hearing application.
  • Informal and formal appeals must be made within 10 days of the date of the citation.
  • When filing an appeal please provide proof that you were not in violation of city ordinance at the time the citation was issued.

To pay over the phone with a credit card


Ogden City parking ordinance:

 Parking Citation Fees

Code DescriptionPenalty
If Paid Within 15 daysAfter 15 days but within 30 daysAfter 30 days
A - Overtime Parking$25$65$105
B - Other Parking/Registration$35$75$115
C - Disabled Parking$120$160$200