Site Plan

The Site Plan is part of the permanent permit record, and as such must be drawn or produced in such a way that anyone looking at the site plan will be able to understand exactly what work is being done. 

Illegible or poorly drawn site plans WILL BE REJECTED!


The Site Plan should include the following elements:

  • Aerial photo background (Preferred, but not required)
  • Building or house location (on utility lateral permits)
  • Site address
  • North arrow
  • Work location, and notes pertaining to job
  • Sidewalk, Curb & gutter location  (when present)
  • Utility main locations

Examples of Site Plans:

Location Plan - If your Project is remodeling or adding on to an existing building, you must include a plan showing how the proposed improvements relate to the existing structure(s)

Utility Site Diagram - This form can be printed, marked up, and submitted as a site plan for most simple water and sewer jobs.  Please see examples below:

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