Traffic Control Plan

Site-Specific Traffic Control:

Site-Specific Traffic Control should include the following elements:

  • Aerial Image Background
  • Location of work zone
  • Types of signage and their locations
  • Layout of all other traffic control devices (barricades, barrels, cones, etc)

Single-Lane Shutdown:

Single-Lane shutdowns are not permitted in Ogden City without the use of flaggers at both ends of the open lane.  If flaggers can't be used, then a hard close must be done, with traffic being detoured around the work zone on other roads.

Roaming Traffic Control:

Roaming Traffic Control (used for utility vault or manhole access, aerial cable overlash or directional bore jobs) should include an overall site plan, complete with marked locations where the traffic control will be set up.  These plans may include generic MUTCD diagrams that are relevant to shoulder work, shoulder closures, sidewalk closures and temporary lane closures.

All Traffic Control Plans must be MUTCD / APWA / UDOT compliant. 

All Traffic Control Devices placed on the ground MUST match the layout on the plan!

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