Acknowledgement Sheet


Download Acknowledgement Sheet (PDF)

The Acknowledgement Sheet is also known as the "Permit Cover Sheet" and sets forth certain expectations placed on the contractor by Ogden City. All of these expectations can be easily met through good communication with the Engineering Inspector and the Permit Coordinator.

Required Communication:

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If a Contractor is found working without an Activated Permit or does not have an inspection scheduled, a STOP WORK order will be issued immediately, and work will not resume until an inspection has been scheduled and they have met with the inspector.

Directional Bore

  • Jobs involving Directional Bore require an on-site pre-construction meeting with the Engineering Inspector at least 24 hours prior to work beginning.
  • All Bore Logs must be submitted to the Engineering Inspector
  • All sanitary sewer laterals that are crossed by a directional bore MUST be video-inspected for damage after the bore. Inspection videos must be given to the Engineering Inspector.  (Some contractors will inspect the sewer laterals both before AND after, to make sure there isn’t pre-existing damage to the laterals already, but Ogden City only requires the post-work inspections).
  • Landscaping at bore-pit locations or any other locations damaged or disturbed by the contractor MUST be restored to a condition equal to or better than it was previous to the bore job.

Job Completion

  • Work must start within 14 days of the permit being issued, or the permit will expire. The contractor will then be required to pay a Permit Extension Fee to reinstate the permit.
  • Work must be completed and repaved within 7 days on minor streets (3 days on Major or Arterial Streets).


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