Winter Paving Plan

Winter Paving Plans are REQUIRED for all pavement cuts in the City Right-of-Way from November 20, 2023 to April 15, 2024

A Winter Paving Plan is required during the winter months when the local hot mix plants are closed and cold patch is being used to patch road cuts.  The Winter Paving Plan is a plan set up by the Contractor with Ogden City that details when the contractor will return in the spring and replace the temporary cold patch on the road with a permanent patch.

Download:  Winter Weather Paving Plan Form (PDF)

Download:  Cold Weather Concreting (ACI 306R-88)

How to Fill Out the Winter Paving Plan:

Each of the sections below refers to a section of the Winter Paving Plan sheet:

Asphalt Road - Cold Patch:

This section is basic job-related information, including Permit #, Job Address, Contractor, Temp Patch Type and Install Date.  Temporary patches other than asphalt cold patch must be approved by the City Engineer.

  • Cold patch must be regularly checked and maintained by contractor throughout the winter months until a permanent patch is installed.  If the patch is damaged or destroyed, it must be replaced by contractor immediately.
  • Patch must be flush to the road surface when installed. if the patch is raised above the road surface and causes damage to city snow-removal equipment, contractor shall be held liable for damages.

Asphalt Road - Permanent Patch:

This section includes information on the permanent patch to be installed in the spring, including the Asphalt Plant that the hot mix comes from, the Paving Subcontractor, the company performing the Compaction Tests, and the Anticipated Install Date for the hot mix patch.  All of the information in this section can be updated at any time.

Winter Concrete Specs:

These are the cold weather concrete requirements for concrete in the Ogden City Right-of-Way.  If the concrete does NOT meet these specifications between November 20, 2022 and April 15, 2023 it will be rejected and must be replaced with an approved cold weather mix.

Hot Mix Standards:

This section sets forth Ogden City's minimum standard requirements for a hot mix permanent asphalt patches.  Any material placed as a pavement patch that does NOT meet the specified standards shown in this section of the Winter Paving Plan sheet will be considered "temporary", and must be replaced with a permanent patch prior to Friday, May 17, 2023.

Placement of Permanent Patch:

Inspectors will require a batch ticket from the asphalt plant specific to the asphalt that is being installed in the permanent patch.  The batch ticket is proof that the right mix is being used for the pavement patch. The permanent patch will not pass final inspection without batch ticket.

The inspectors will also be measuring the ambient temperature and the temperature of the asphalt as it is being placed.  If the asphalt mix temperature has dropped below the minimum required temperature set forth in the Hot Mix Standards shown on the Winter Paving Plan sheet, it cannot be used in a permanent patch.

Failure to Place Permanent Patch:

If permanent patch has not been installed by "anticipated" date, contractor will be notified by phone and/or email.  

If contractor is unreachable or unresponsive by Friday, May 17, 2023, the License and Permit bond associated with this job will be exercised and Ogden City will engage another contractor to finish the work. This will negatively affect the Contractor's bond rating and ability to obtain permits with Ogden City in the future.

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