Special Provisions of the East Central Community

The East Central Community is the area between Adams and Harrison and 20th and 30th Streets.  It is the most concentrated area of the older homes and commercial structures in the city and was designated as the Central Bench National Historic District in 2003.

Buildings in this district have a wide variety of architectural styles and building exteriors.  One of the purposes of the district was to provide opportunities for building owners to take advantage of tax incentives and grants in maintaining these buildings. 

Special zoning regulations were developed for this area in 2011 to help protect the character of the area by requiring some specific regulations that  relate to the character of the buildings.  These requirements had to be flexible enough to respect the various architectural styles that exist in the area and also avoid special review processes by various approval bodies other than the typical site and building plan reviews for construction and additions.

Some regulations apply to the exterior of buildings in the East Central Community that are not found in other areas of the city. Some of the special regulations are the prohibiting of painting or covering of brick exteriors of building with other materials unless the building was painted or recovered prior to 2010. Other unique requirements are the limitation on exterior building material types, maximum building sizes and roof pitches for new construction.  All properties are subject to specific front yard fencing designs if a fence is desired.  

Details of the requirements can be found in 15-15, 15-35, and 15-36 sections of the Ogden City Municipal Code.

East Central Community