Info for the General Public


Why is the road closed?

Road closures (both planned and unplanned) will happen from time to time, usually due to a utility break, or a need to maintain or replace a pipeline or cable.  

  • Is this a permitted utility job?  Contact the Engineering Permit Coordinator for info: 801-629-8990 or
  • Is this an Ogden City project?  Check the "Current Projects" page to see what utility projects the city is currently managing.
  • Is this work being done on a state road?  Contact UDOT Region One offices if the work is being done one of the State Roads in Ogden City


Information about your water service with Ogden City, including system outages and information on which parts of the system the  homeowner is responsible for.


Information about your sewer service with Ogden City, including information combined sewer laterals, and also which parts of the system the homeowner is responsible for.

Property Line / Right-of-Way Line

Where is my property line?

  • In many of the more recent subdivisions, there is a survey nail installed in the back of the curb at the street, showing the location of the property line between two parcels.  
  • On older properties, the property line can only be determined by a Licensed Professional Surveyor.  The City Surveyor does not mark private property lines.
  • The front property line (also known as the "City Right-of-Way Line" in most cases is usually 6-12 inches behind the back of the sidewalk.  In the absence of a sidewalk (and sometimes even a curb), Ogden City's Engineering Division (801-629-8990) can usually supply an approximate distance from the curb or street to your property line.  Click on the button below to learn more about the City Right-of-Way.

City Right-of-Way

Information about the City Right-of-way, including information on which parts of the Right-of-Way the homeowner is responsible for maintaining, as well as who is able to perform work in the right-of-way.