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Snow on the Sidewalks

Residents are required to remove snow and ice from the city sidewalks directly adjacent to their property within 12 hours of the time the snow has stopped falling.  If the storm has stopped during the night, then within 12 hours of the sunrise of the following day.  See Ogden City Code 7-2-8 for more detail

Clearing Snow from Private Property

It is unlawful to place snow removed from private property into the public way.  Put plainly, it is illegal to shovel, push or snowblow ice or snow into the street or sidewalk from a driveway or other private property location.  Those doing so are at risk of being cited.  See Ogden City Code 7-2-8 for more detail

Where are the Snow Plows?

State Roads, City Streets and Private Streets are all cleared by different plows.  Please see the map on the City & State Roads page to determine who owns the road you are inquiring about.

  • State Roads are plowed and maintained by UDOT
  • City Streets are plowed and maintained by Ogden City Public Services
  • Private Streets and Lanes are usually maintained by a private plow service contracted by the owner.

Ogden City crews will clear snow from priority roads first. Priority roads include: 

  • Routes leading to Hospitals
  • Routes leading to Schools
  • City-maintained heavily traveled roads
  • Intersections
  • Slick hills and dangerous curves

When those areas are cleared, side streets are completed

City workers try to have all roads cleared within 15 hours unless the storm is prolonged. Then, priority roads take precedence and other streets (residential and dead-end streets) will be cleared when conditions allow.

Street Parking in the Winter

Street Parking Restrictions:

  • No street parking is permitted during snowfall or when snow removal operations are apparent or imminent.


Exemptions for Certain Properties:

  • Properties without a driveway approach are exempt.
  • State roads are exempt from the street parking restrictions.
  • The Mayor or designee can grant exemptions for streets with insufficient off-street parking.

Snowbound Vehicles:

  • Abandoned vehicles on the street due to snow must be relocated within 48 hours or will be subject to impound.

Please see Snow Removal on the Streets & Sidewalks page for more information.