Parking/Transportation Project

Downtown Parking

A managed parking system is critical to creating a vibrant, walkable downtown; improving access to existing business; and increasing commercial and residential density – all required to support Ogden City's sustainability goals.  

Ogden City has been working on a number of exciting development projects as outlined in the City's "Make Ogden Downtown Master Plan," and the supportive downtown infrastructure, including enhanced public transportation elements such as: 

  • New Ogden Express BRT
  • Additional protected bike lanes (Grant Avenue south to 26th Street)
  • Enhanced "last mile" transportation options (scooters, bikeshare)
  • Free downtown trolley
  • New and improved pedestrian paths to public parking areas and spaces (such as increased connectivity between 25th Street and The Junction).
  • New public parking to support additional commercial and residential development.
  • New managed parking user app to help downtown visitors know where to find parking, including being able to park once and visit multiple destinations downtown.

Current Status of Parking Management Plan

  • In 2021, the City worked with a municipal engineering consultant to assess current parking challenges and expected needs related to planned new development downtown.
  • The initial Ogden Parking Study was completed in November 2021, and recommended establishing a parking management area, including managing the most highly demanded parking areas with a paid parking system -- implemented in prioritized phases. 
  • Since the beginning of 2022, the general parking study results and related recommendations have been discussed with various community stakeholders (read a summary at Why Pay Parking?).
  • Ogden City is now proposing a new paid parking system for downtown, including the addition of new parking structures to support the additional housing and commercial development at the WonderBlock location (between 25th and 26th Streets, and between Grant and Lincoln Avenues). 
  • Discussions are now underway with City leadership and community stakeholders regarding implementation details, including locations and rates.
  • Based on initial feedback, revisions to the phased approach to implementing paid parking in specific areas of downtown as initially proposed in the Ogden Parking Study have been made and related new implementation phases are reflected in the updated Ogden Parking Study.
  • Those interested in providing input regarding the parking management system logistics can provide input here.
  • Information about upcoming public open house events to review the new parking management system will be provided on this webpage when available. 
  • The News Release announcing the first Public Open House Event (November 15, 2022) for the WonderBlock Development and Parking proposal can be viewed here.  
  • On November 15, 2022, the Ogden City Council and the Redevelopment Authority held public meetings and information regarding the WonderBlock and Parking projects was presented, followed by a public open house event. The presentation can be reviewed here
  • Once the development of the proposed parking management plan is finalized, the complete proposal will be reviewed and considered for approval by the Ogden City Council.

Additional Information and Updates

Updates to the City's parking and transportation plans will be regularly added to this site in the FAQs and Project Planning Documents section (right side of this page).

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