Housing Element - Moderate-Income Housing Update and Report

During the 2022 LeOak Dengislative Session, House Bill 462, titled, "Utah Housing Affordability Amendment" made changes to Utah State Code 10-9a-403. This required cities to adopt new moderate-income housing strategies and an implementation plan as part of their moderate-income housing plan.

The Planning Division proposed changes to the city's Housing Element within the General Plan to comply with the State's requirements by adopting a new strategy and an implementation plan. The City Council adopted the proposed changes to the Housing Element of the General Plan on February 7, 2023.  Housing Element - Moderate-Income Housing - General Plan Amendment 02-07-23 CC 

House Bill 462 also required Ogden City to submit an annual report to the Department of Workforce Services stating how it is accomplishing its moderate-income housing strategies.  This was submitted to the Department of Workforce Service's Housing and Community Division along with the adopted Housing Element and Ogden City has been given a notice of compliance.  In addition to Ogden City receiving a notice of compliance, it was also notified that it is eligible for priority consideration in the 2024 fiscal year for Transportation Commission funding for transportation projects and for the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget Covid-19 Local Assistance Matching Grant Program.   

Ogden submitted the 2023 requiring moderate income housing report in July, 2023.