Short Term Rentals Ordinance Amendment

Vacation RentalThe City currently allow homes in residential zones to be used as a residential vacation rental.   Owner-occupied units are allowed in any residential zone.  Non-owner occupied units are allowed one per block in multiple-family zones only.  The regulations cover maximum occupancy, parking requirements, and verification rules for owner-occupied units.  

Ogden is proposing amendments to its ordinance to address issues and complaints surrounding short term rentals.  The proposed ordinance would:

  1. Rename “residential vacation rentals” to “short-term rentals.”
  2. For owner-occupied short-term rentals, require additional information to show proof the unit is their primary residence, and remove specific time of occupancy requirements.
  3. Require guests to park on-site and clarify parking requirements.
  4. Prohibit outside guests on the vacation rental property.
  5. Modify penalties for violations and standards for revocation

The Ogden Planning Commission considered these changes in October, 2022, and recommended they be adopted.   See the draft at the link below.  The Ogden City Council will consider these changes at a later date.  

Ogden Short Term Rental Ordinance Amendment - Planning Commission Recommended Draft October 2022