Right-of-Way Information

Right-of-Way Areas 

The City Right-of-Way (ROW) is an area dedicated to the city that includes city streets, curb and gutter, park strips, and sidewalks (where present), and is where most underground utilities are located (except for secondary water, which is often located at the rear of the property).

Below are examples of common Right-of-Way configurations found throughout Ogden City (Click to enlarge):

ROW - Standard (WEB) Opens in new window
ROW - Single Sidewalk (WEB) Opens in new window
ROW - No Sidewalk (WEB) Opens in new window

Right-of-Way Widths

The City Right-of-Way varies in width, typically between 50ft (roads in residential areas) to over 100ft (larger boulevards).  There are some older residential areas that currently have 99ft Right-of-Way widths that were established over 100 years ago to accomodate a streetcar system.  Before building a fence, retaining wall, boulder wall, or anything or a permanent or semi-permanent nature in your front yard area, please verify the location of the Right-of-Way line/property line for your property with our Engineering Division (801-629-8990).

Maintaining the Park Strip 

Residents are required to maintain the park strip directly adjacent to their property in a neat and orderly manner, being kept clear of weeds, junk, debris, trash and other solid wastes.  See Ogden City Code 7-2-9 and 7-2-10 for more detail. 

Trees in the Park Strip 

Trees in the City Right-of-Way (between the sidewalk and the street) are maintained jointly by residents and by Ogden City's Urban Forester. Residents are responsible for watering the trees, and may fertilize them as well. The Urban Forester is responsible for trimming or pruning the trees. Please report any trees within the right of way that may need attention (broken or low hanging branches) by calling 801-629-8284.

Snow Removal from Sidewalks 

Residents are required to remove snow and ice from the city sidewalks directly adjacent to their property within 12 hours of the time the snow has stopped falling.  If the storm has stopped during the night, then within 12 hours of the sunrise of the following day.  See Ogden City Code 7-2-8 for more detail

Pavement Installation or Repair in the City Right-of-Way

Ogden City is responsible for the repair or replacement of damaged sidewalk, curb & gutter.  House walks (private sidewalk from porch to street) and driveway approaches are the homeowner's responsibility.  Because these areas are located in the City Right-of-Way, any work done to replace or repair this concrete must be done by a licensed contractor, who has insurance and bond on file with Ogden City.

Work that is allowed in the Park Strip (without a permit) 

Hand-dug sprinkler and landscape repairs in non-paved areas of the Right-of-Way do not require an Engineering Permit.  Because of the utilities that are buried in the park strip, any excavations deeper than 12 inches must be done by a licensed contractor who is insured and bonded with the city.

Water-Wise Landscaping in the Park Strip

The "Flip Your Strip" program is a collaborative program between Weber Basin Water Conservancy District and the different cities and towns that the WBWCD serves.  This program offers a financial incentive to property owners who are willing to replace their grass/sod park strip with water-wise materials, such as decorative rock and water-wise plants, shrubs and trees.  Please follow this link for more information.